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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
Why would you assume everyone wants EFI? Microsoft assumed everyone wanted 8.0 too.
If I wanted EFI I'd buy a modern car. The 930 for me is a period car and some of us enjoy it that way.
"Why would you assume everyone wants EFI?"
Valid question.
Equally valid is, why would you assume everyone doesn't want EFI?

It is a different driving experience, like comparing driving a 930 with a G50 vs. the same car with a stock 4-speed.

Using your computer software analogy:
"Microsoft assumed everyone wanted 8.0 too."
Sure, not everyone wanted Win8.1. WinXP worked quite well, so did Win98, and versions prior.
And, just like CIS on your Turbo, you don't have to upgrade your home computer you don't want to.

Yes, it costs money -- but so does maintaining the old stuff you've already got.
Yes, it takes some knowledge and skill to implement -- but there's resources out there, you're not the first one doing it and don't have to attempt it alone.
Yes, you could screw up royally while upgrading and do damage -- heck, if you're careless you can brick your computer. That would be like the "waiting 3 years on Tommy Tuner" horror story you're mentioning. But more often then not, the software loads fine, and with some minor fiddling and tweaking things go smoothly for years to come.
The same goes for EFI.

Hot-rodding a 911 Turbo for big power and performance on-par to modern cars, while voluntarily restricting yourself to using CIS, is akin to trying to run the latest version of Solidworks 3D design software on your 1984 IBM 5170 or Apple IIe. You may be able to pull it off, but it is taking the hard road and the results won't be the same.

The world moves on, and while not everyone wants to try to run the latest and greatest, neither does everyone want to sit and be content with things as they are.

Period pieces are great for some, the more original the better.
For others, they're a blank canvas, to be colored in as desired.
Both are pursued passionately.
Both are valid.


"Besides money and perceived value loss, what is holding you back from EFI?"
Joking aside, what I'm seeing is answers that, separate from the factors in the threads title, could be separated into two groups:
1. Those who wouldn't convert, period. Factory is original, good enough, and change is not necessary and/or could change some characteristics of the car.
2. Those who would possibly convert, but lack sufficient knowledge to attempt as a DIY job.

Overcoming (2) requires education, and there's plenty -- too many? -- resources out there with information explaining and answering "how." A little reading, and conversations with those who've done it before, goes a long way to providing the understanding and the confidence to tackle an EFI conversion, if someone is interested.
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