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Billjam, Werk1, JFairman, those old threads are so helpful.

JFairman: Your oil canister looks perfect, looks like it would handle the capacity of debris that I saw. I think I see where your carbon canister bracket is located, is it at the top of the passenger side rear wheelwell, above the oil lines to the front cooler?

I have no bracket there, no sign of where bracket would mount. Mine is a snorkel washer 1979 USA. I suppose my bracket could have been removed but see no sign of where.

Cam Draining: Climbed around under the car. I think I know where the cam drain plug is supposed to be, I saw them on an engine that was removed. For passenger side it is just rear-of-the-car-wards from the top outside of the oil cooler? How can I access it? What all do I need to remove to get at those drain plugs? I really want to drain them and ensure the spray holes are not blocked.

Oil tank, sump:

Spent most of yesterday cleaning out the oil tank with my undercoating gun and wand. Lots of time to prep and clean and maybe more cleaning everything out afterwards.

I'm not sure what is going on because I'm not seeing any granules. I drained the oil tank, then filtered it through a 130 micron painters filter, got very little of anything (plus some dog hair, how did she get into my engine?):

Then about an hour of cycling oil through the oil tank via undercoating gun and wand, caught what dripped out and filtered that in a different filter. Really hosed it all down with high pressure oil, was expecting more than this in a 35 year old oil tank:

What I've there is all very thin soft and goopy, nothing hard like the stuff that came out before.

What came from the sump was immaculate.

I'm trying to reconcile this because it is not what I expected. I'm going to go over what happened:

0) Drive car like old lady for a few years but at least boost once per outing. Honestly I think the previous owner probably never was on boost, never drove car hard.

1) Drive to track, 4 sessions of 30 minutes each. Each session ended with a cooldown lap and 4-5 minutes of idling before shutoff.

2) Drive 35 minutes home, just easy cruising on freeway, weather was cool and maybe a little drizzly.

3) Engine sits for 5 minutes in my garage while I get stuff together and then I drain the oil. Oil from sump and turbo sump are normal, stuff from oil tank has the above hard granules which I've never seen before.

4) Ran engine ~ 1 minute after oil change, then did my internet reading, engine hasn't started since.

5) Where are the granules? Seems impossible that I flushed them all with one drain. Why would they drain out with one flush, then disappear? Are they ground up by the oil pump?

Oil tank has a low shelf that could hold settled debris, the passage from tank to engine is a little higher so its possible the granules were settled on the bottom of the tank and really were swept out with the change.

The clock is out for this weekend, wife is returning soon so need to transform garage out of bachelor mode.

What do I remove to get access to those cam spray drain plugs?
Intercooler, airbox...

Can someone point to instructions for removing both?

Thanks All!
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