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I am someone that has (for the moment at least) decided that CIS is good enough for me.
I am collecting parts for a winter project to add BL WUR, wideband AFR and boost monitors, IC, headers, Tial WG, and upgraded turbo (K27HFS). Maybe MSD6AL. I have a nice example of an 88 930 with 60k miles that was bone stock when I bought it nearly a year ago and I have only added a B&B muffler and a Wevo shifter up to now along with basic maintenance items. The project list is basically all bolt ons so it is reversible if I ever sell (no plans for that though). There are multiple reasons why I am not going EFI for this project. The easy ones are cost and complexity. Another concern is reliability. How far can these motors be pushed before other things start breaking? I am hoping for about 375-400HP or so, which will give me a serious boost from where I am and make the car oodles more fun. CIS can do that without issue. If I start going toward the 500HP range, I have to figure that the motor is getting far more stressed and more prone to failure. Of course, it could be perfect for years, or break on day two. Who knows? Then, as power goes up, you start worrying about braking, tires/wheels (wider contact patch), clutch and tranny, suspension upgrades, etc.

So at what point is the $1500-$5000 (depending on who you talk to) EFI upgrade the gateway to required systems enhancements all over the car and then what is the true cost of going to EFI with these upgrades in mind?

How many that have gone EFI have done nothing to their wheels/tires, clutch, suspension, etc. in order to keep the car properly balanced? Very few, if any, I imagine.

By not going EFI, I am admittedly artificially restricting myself to a certain power level increase in an effort to avoid potentially overtaxing the engine and pushing the limits on the rest of the systems on the car, which would substantially increase my budget woes.

Bottom line is that I am looking at the cost vs. fun factor vs. long term reliability and have decided that bolt ons with CIS hits the sweet spot for me. Of course, this decision is very subjective and what works for me doesn't work for others. But it is my car and since I own it, I get to decide what makes me happy. To those that go EFI, I applaud your efforts, because it makes you happy (and it sure is fun to watch!)

That is what I think that what has been glossed over in this thread: the satisfaction/happiness factor. If you need more power to make you happy with the car, then EFI is probably for you and as long as the budget is there, why not? No point in holding back from going EFI if you wouldn't be happy without it. As for me, I still get a smile on my face each and every time I start up my car and each and every time I get on boost. I expect a bigger smile with my proposed upgrades and I don't need to go any further to be a VERY happy 930 owner.
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