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Originally Posted by nocarrier View Post
Sure man, no problem.....

First off, get that nasty crap off of your fuel line connections. Seriously, I'm not joking...

It looks like a nice way to get a small piece of silicone inside your fuel system next time you have to disconnect something.

ill peel off silicone before removing lines so thats no issue

Secondly, how about doing a methodical check of your ALL your fuel lines, connections and of course the evap system including the gas cap. Replace the crush washers when you disconnect something. Buy high quality replacement parts. This isn't the place to save a buck or cheap out. When you disconnect something make sure everything is clean and burr free before you re-assemble it.

Already done that my lines are in excellent ocndition including my injectors, i posted this a while back when i took the system out, i dont need to buy any parts because iim using the parts that are in excellent ocndition ewhen the car was made, the fuel lines are all factory solid stainless steel they will outlast the car, crush washers are new and torqued correctly,

One trick that I do when assembling banjo connections is to partially thread the banjo bolt in and then give the connection a good shot of brake clean to make sure there is nothing between the mating surfaces. Then tighten it down properly.

You can pressurize the system while the engine is hot and cold. Get yourself an inspection mirror and look over the whole fuel system and visually check everything.

Secondly, I can't stand electrical tape in an engine bay. It turns soft, leaves a nasty residue and hold moisture underneath it. Invest in some quality wiring supplies and tools.

Thats a good point note that the Porsche factory wrapped all the harnesses that travel under the fuel head in electrical tape, I dont have any electrical tape around any fuel lines personally, but i may have a while back, now i use a dab of silicone over each fuel line join, its an extra security on top of the pre-existing correct connections that have been checked and removed and re-installed many many times, my System pressure is tight as a drum as is the compression , and leakdown.

I cant stress this enough, the silicone mod is only used on top of presecured correct lines as a backup if something should go wrong, say the injector at plug number 1 was leaking and you were driving and smelled the fuel so you turn off the car you walk around do a visual inspection but cant see anything wrong, so you feel around but everything is dry, so you might think i must have a blocked breather hose in the tank or a fuel pump is leaking..
theres so many possibilities to make an incorrect diagnosis because of the speed at which fuel evaporates

But with a dab of silicone you only need to touch each banjo or injector connection and the wet one will tell you instantly where the problem is, then you get a dry rag and wipe it off easily and fix the line.

It will be slimy yes but its a 100% way of knowing where theleak is and can save lots of time and money in searching for it,

Hope it helps..
Thanks for your input i respect your point of view,
but this system works for me and gives me added security of knowing exactly where the problem lies should it ever arise.
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