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yea, i understand that. that is why i put one on. when i got the car it had a partial RUF conversion done. for some reason RUF removes the DV or BOV. i dont think it is a good idea but i can perhaps see why they remove it.
i was playing around with it to see if i could get it to open at a certain boost so that perhaps it would not dump all the pressure, then have to build back up. (this is why i think RUF removes them). i also wanted that, pop,pop,pop sound like the 962's did when they shifted. now i just get one long "pishhhhh" sound.

what i did to the FD did not really do anything to it. i did lots timed flow test. test were either 30 sec at WOT or 5min with the sensor plate open about 10mm.
my first few tests all the ports had very even flow. then i turned the adjustments CCW maybe just a little more than what i turned them CW originally.
the flow did not drop any great amount. first tests were at 5.1oz in the end they were 4.8.

when i fired it back up idle AFR was 17 2500 rpm was 12.5
control pressure bumped up to 3.9 bar (spec 3.65) idle mixture at 13 2500 rpm is 11.8
car runs great. no popping from exhaust, smooth across the RPM range.
AFR's are much more steady now. before AFR's could be 14.2 at one rpm, then 15.5 then back to 15. just all over the place.

i still think there is a problem with the FD. i wonder if the PO adjusted the FD to make it run richer because when i got the car it was in the 16's at 3k.

the car runs really good. boost comes in faster and harder. it accelertes smoother. i drove to work in 3rd in the low 3k's and it did not feel like it. i am finally gettting that smooth falt 6 back.
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