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Originally Posted by Cobalt View Post
If you guys don't think the market is going to settle out you may be surprised. This same thing happened in the 80's and prices spiked and then dropped. I purchased a beautiful 79 911SC in 83 for $15k and I drove it for 79k miles sold it for $21K in 86 and they then proceeded to drop like lead balloons. Everyone thought the market would continue to increase and many took a huge bath.

Just like the muscle car craze of a few years back the right cars will continue to increase or level off but there are many cars that people have overpaid for that will drop or will require significant investment to maintain their purchase price.

The generation that are buying these cars are raising children that have no interest in them and there are a lot of these cars out there. Unlike the vintage Ferrari's which are essentially one of a kind works of hand built art there are so few that the ultra wealthy can spend 10's of millions on. The market will narrow for all the air cooled cars and only the crem dela crem will be worth buying in the end.

I wouldn't take all this too seriously these cars are finally being recognized but it would appear the average buyer has little clue to what he is investing in and eventually people will wise up. Buy it and enjoy it but don't think of it as an investment.

Just my .02 worth
American muscle cars (excl. ultra rare ones) are not 930īs and 930īare not vintage Ferraris.
They hold different positions in the market and are priced accordingly.

There is still a looooong way from a 150K usd 930 to a 60 Mill. USD pontoon fender testarossa..........they are not in the same league and they will never be.

But there is also a long way from current prices of early 930īs to the current prices of a 2.7 rs or any semi special 356.
My claim is that there is no obvious reason for that price difference.
They are not that much rarer and no more iconic than an early 930.
Yet, they have commanded very high prices for years, and are still on the up, and no one seems to question that....why is that?

Of course, if we are talking about general trends in the classic car market I can understand the arguement about very (maybe too) high prices.

IMO the 930 is just moving, from an extreme low position, to where it should be in the market. (compared to other similar offerings)

But it seems to me, that there is still some insisting on talking the 930 down in the market......especially in the US.
In the mean time they will just end up in Europe or elsewhere.
......I donīt understand the point!

And I think it is way too excessive to just write off an entire generation as completely uninterested in classic cars.
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