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Originally Posted by cover View Post
American muscle cars (excl. ultra rare ones) are not 930īs and 930īare not vintage Ferraris.
They hold different positions in the market and are priced accordingly.

There is still a looooong way from a 150K usd 930 to a 60 Mill. USD pontoon fender testarossa..........they are not in the same league and they will never be.

But there is also a long way from current prices of early 930īs to the current prices of a 2.7 rs or any semi special 356.
My claim is that there is no obvious reason for that price difference.
They are not that much rarer and no more iconic than an early 930.
Yet, they have commanded very high prices for years, and are still on the up, and no one seems to question that....why is that?

Of course, if we are talking about general trends in the classic car market I can understand the arguement about very (maybe too) high prices.

IMO the 930 is just moving, from an extreme low position, to where it should be in the market. (compared to other similar offerings)

But it seems to me, that there is still some insisting on talking the 930 down in the market......especially in the US.
In the mean time they will just end up in Europe or elsewhere.
......I donīt understand the point!

And I think it is way too excessive to just write off an entire generation as completely uninterested in classic cars.
Collectables are collectables they don't have to be the same item and price is all relative. The motivation is still the same.

I'm not talking the 930 down by any means. I have seen this cycle happen over and over and I have no doubt the 930 will continue to climb along with the rest of the air cooled 911's. Only the economy will dictate where this all leads. There is so much to take into consideration. Just like the dilemma over why people especially Europeans are overpaying for the US version of the 964 known as the RSA vs a stock C2. I understand the $300K+ selling prices of the ROW 964 RS but the RSA??

My point was that people are going crazy overspending in some cases. I watch as many piss poor condition nothing special air cooled cars are being cobbled back together and sold as original and it is happening far more often than many realize. Speedos changed out or turned back to show them having less mileage than they do. I also see some seriously damaged rare cars being repaired to cover up the damage and it would take even the best experts to determine if the car had been in an accident or not. When they sell as all original accident free for 20-30% premium eventually someone will figure out they are damaged goods and these cars will be priced accordingly.

I am saying that not all of these cars warrant the prices they are getting the market is still somewhat narrow and in time as the generations change the market will more than likely become even more narrow. Those interested will want only the rarest or best out there and the rest will be worth far less.

I had someone at a show offer me $145k for my 94 and I just laughed. He said he was in the market and a friend just purchased one for that amount so that was all they were worth. I knew the car he was talking about I know 70% of them over the years and knowing its history the guy overpaid. I wouldn't take a penny less than $250k for mine but I have seen 3000 mile examples of the 94 that are not as nice or as clean as mine sell for more. Just because the 930's are seeing a huge increase in value doesn't make everyone worth the same amount. I think some of these fine examples are being sold far too early and will be worth considerably more soon, others are selling for far too much considering condition and history. Eventually the market will catch up and the buyers/speculators will become more educated to what is worth top $$ and what is not.
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