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now i am rich!!

first i out smarted myself again.
i put this check valve on the vacuum line to the retard to block boost. well i found out that it holds the vacuum which holds the retard. now i need to look back into the solenoid valve. i also noticed the retard vacuum line was very slow to build vacuum. (could someone have adjusted the small throttle plate screw you think?)

after fixing my air leak the AFR's (all referenced to cruise at 3k RPM) are down in the upper 11's and lower 12's. but the car runs like a scaled dog. great off boost acceleration. good idle. only problem is when i let off the gas the RPM's drop to nearly 0 then come back up. idle AFR is 13's, but when it drops it is in the 10's or 11's.

tried upping the system pressure to 6.7bar. (have 2 sets of gauges. one reads 6.1bar other reads 5.2bar). raised CP to 4.4bar and AFR's around 14 to upper 13's. runs like crap. NO power on accelerastion below boost. when accelerating off boost its like driving down a wash board dirt road.

now i have lowered the fuel head volume.
with the plate open about 10mm for 5 minutes, i dropped the volume from 5oz's to 4.5oz's. now i have the orginal washer back in pressure regulator and pressure at 6.1 and set CP to spec at 3.6bar. adjusted mixture leanertrying to get AFR's to lean out. cruise it 14 and idle is 14. runs a little better but still no power so i dropped CP to 3.3bar and richened mixture up and drives much better, but the idle drop is still there. i ran many tests and got very consistent numbers and very good balance.

i would leave it rich but the idle dropping is the big problem. i have to let the idle come down easy.

with it rich i pulled the plugs and surprisingly they looked pretty good. IE, not black.

the mixture still leans out as RPM's go from 2500 to 3k but not like before. now it goes from 13.5 to 14.

my cruise AFR before the air leak fix was in the mid to upper 15's. it ran good but then i guess i was dumping enough fuel in there to compensate. problem is i am still dumping a lot of fuel but it likes it.

my dist looks good. advance works, its clean. vacuum advance/retard both work but retard is not connected. i would like the idle timing a bit lower.
timing is a tad advanced right now. 27-28 degrees.

why SO rich?
i suspect
fuel head

this is the euro head with 009 injectors.

what really sucks is everything i have learned about how the care reacts to different changes is ALL out the window. all that was corrupted by the air leaks.
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