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i know me and you have had some of the same problems. like you i was certain i had fixed my air leaks, including removing the intake more than i want to think about. but i new since i was running in the 15's and even 16's depending on setting, i had to have an air leak. i had several. some came with the car, a few i made. the last one was my synapse DV. the vacuum ports that open it are leaking. itied them together so for now it is OK. as soon as i fixed that without touching anything my AFR dropped to 12s, maybe even 11's.
when i got the car the AFR at 3k was 16.3-5!! it drove fine, started fine, good power but i could feel a slight "miss" or "bump" at steady cruise.
i new something was up because it was nearly impossible to adjust the lean completely out. i tried very low CP's, as low as 2.8.

note, i do several tests. 2500 rpm and 3k rpm in 2nd and 3rd.

when i set teh mixture for 14, it is like a washboard when accelerating and no power so yes i think it is lean, but the AFR does not say that. boost power is fine.

after what i have been thru if someone tells me they are in the 15's and cant adjust it out without a doubt i would tell them they have an air leak.

if your FP can give you the volume you need out of the FD per the manual, i would not worry too much about it. plus i think your porblems would really show up under boost with hi fuel demands.
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