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Sal, here are some fine tuning adjustments MegaSquirt can make (I'm sure I will miss some.....):

1. Injector dead time (time injector is not spraying as the pintle is opening/closing)
2. Battery dwell curve (injectors are faster or slower to battery voltage)
3. Smoothing factor for MAP/RPM/TPS/CLT/Battery inputs
4. MAP sampling angle of crankshaft
5. Priming pulse (ms of injector opening to bleed injector rails of air)
6. Cranking pulse (ms of injector opening during cranking)
7. Afterstart enrichment and taper (additional fuel over warm up enrichment base fuel curve)
8. Idle control curve (adjust idle valve opening by engine temp)
9. PWM idle cranking duty curve (opens idle valve larger during cold starts for easier starting)
10. Warmup enrichment curve (basic additional fuel curve over base fuel table)
11. Barometric correction curve (adjusts to maintain AFR's with different baro's)
12. Cold advance for timing curve (adds timing for really cold starts)
13. Manifold Air Temp timing based retard (turbo gets too hot, starts cutting timing)
14. Flex Fuel fuel table blending with E85 and E10 (stoichiometric is vastly different for E85 vs pure gas)
15. Idle advance settings (lots of "if" variables/algorithm to go base idle timing in situations)

I have every one of these addressed except E85.

As you can see, this is MegaSquirt II. MS III has additional fine tuning curves/tables to adjust for great AFR's in a lot of different RPM/load ranges along with lots of idle options to get the engine running and stay running in cold conditions.

Now, MS II has tons of other features like:

1. Staged fuel injection (2 sets of injectors)
2. NOS inputs
3. Antilag (I use this)
4. 2-step rev limiter
5. Launch control
6. Etc.
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