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Originally Posted by BigRedRuf View Post
Bringing back this amazing thread like a zombie that just won't die. It proved somewhat informative for me.

This is a thread I started with my Ruf. It is a fully converted 911 and all work done by exclusive motorcars out of NJ back in the day. They were one of the few authorized to do so.

How the hell do you value a car such as mine? lol. Anyone have any kind of reference point I can base a value off of?

Anyone care to share their opinions on the price of my car? Both with no motor as it sits and if I were to put a period correct Ruf motor into it?
As for an opinion.. mine would be what you already know..

Its going to be a hard call to place/set a value on that car. However, as you've stated, "its a fully converted 911 and all work done by exclusive motorcars out of NJ back in the day." That in itself should be some value add considering they were the official Ruf distributer at the time.
*Was this one of the conversions where the Ruf techs were flown in to perform
(which was usually an engine build etc,,) or a simpler conversion of the shelf items?

*Is there any documentation still with the car from Exclusive?

*Is the car that you have an N/A or tubo'd 911 or a 930?

An interesting twist.. many years ago, a friend and I bought a salvaged Ruf 911.
It was a N/A bought, it was European, and loaded with RUf goodies. The assumption was that it was real, based on some limited Ruf paper work in the car, and the fact that the pieces were so expensive at the time, who would bother to pieces one together. So he got the wheels, seats, and bottom end of the motor. I got the gauges, brakes, and top end of the motor which included 10.5:1 98mm Mahle (Max Moritz?)P/C's, twin plug heads, cams, etc.. The poly bumpers were toast.. however in hindsight probably could have been repaired.

The question being, what does this do for either car once he goodies are in place and installed? Is the car worth more because of the Ruf parts, or not.. because it was not installed by them (on my car) or the US distributor of the time? Not that I care either way because the parts are real. Soooo?
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