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Originally Posted by baloo View Post
I'm with Roland, although I do not know him.

The piece was definitely poor quality. How they could have released something like that indicates their level of concern in their quality control.

The chances of ANY company "fixing" a problem like this are very slim these days, so Roland's general assumption was fair enough. It would have involved not only time, but confrontation, and agonizing proof, etc.

Face it, it was only thru your personal connections with D-Zug that you had any prior insight. Sure, now that we have some affidavits that D-Zug is stand-up, it seems unfair -- but there was no way for him to know this, and R's assumption that their response would be "too bad, you bought it, you should have asked first...." is par for commerce these days.
Originally Posted by Ronnie's.930 View Post
Same here.

The problems with the shifter that Roland received are significant (talking sloppy cuts, poor positioning of welded pieces, etc) - these are major flaws that do not fall into the shat happens or petty nitpicking category . . . hard to believe someone on D-Zug's end approved it and shipped it to the customer (especially considering the great cost of the unit). Also, the citing of multiple positive customer reviews of the shifter, positive character references of the D-Zug guys, and chastising comments about Roland's decision to publicly question the product he received, does not change the fact that what was shipped to Roland had major quality problems.

I can't answer as to why Roland did not contact D-Zug with concers (if in fact he did not) - when he posted about the flaws long ago, I said that if it were me, I would have returned the shifter right away and he noted that he did not want to deal with that given he lives in Switzerland. Obviously, it would have been best if he had returned it - that way Roland might have been able to get a replacement that was fit for the D-Zug name, and D-Zug would not have such a negative representation of their work floating around out there. That being said, Roland is hardly obligated to return the shifter - he bought it and can do anything he pleases with it (including writing a review about it on a message board).

As far as the comments some have made that Roland should have not posted his quality concerns about the shifter on here, well, I've got to call BS on that - he presented details on the quality of an aftermarket part he bought and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so.
I'm sorry but I disagree. Everyone deserves a chance to rectify their mistake. We play in a niche market/hobby and this can easily happen to any outfit that produce items in small numbers.
I'll give you an example on an item I ordered from Poland. Two of the items came damaged. I could have gotten on the boards and complain but instead I contacted the vendor and had new parts in my house within 8 days(yes 8 days from Poland). I was very happy with the item and service.
Mistakes happen, is how we deal with them that makes the difference.
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