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Originally Posted by TurboKraft View Post
You'll see the return the moment you shift gears. The modern synchros of the G50 are a night-and-day difference compared to the 915/930 synchros, allowing smoother, faster shifts with very positive engagement.

Now let's talk clutch:
It's easy for a lightly modified Turbo engine, one with the standard bolt-on upgrades, to over-power a 915's 225mm diameter clutch. A clutch with enough clamping strength usually results in a very still pedal, difficult to modulate: high clamping force pressure plate, metallic disc.
With a G50, you get a 240mm diameter clutch. More clutch diameter = more surface area = more grip, more torque capacity, even if the pressure plate has the same clamping force. There are several aluminum pressure plates and organic, spring-hub discs available to match up to an engine's output. And even with the strongest pressure plate, the pedal effort is reduced thanks to the hydraulic clutch release mechanism -- no more clutch cable.

No, a G50 swap is not inexpensive, but it is utterly transformative.[/QUOTE]


LOL. What I meant was that you'll never see financial return from investing in a G50 conversion, so from that perspective it's dead money.

If you don't plan to ever sell the car, and just want to develop it and do it "right", it's pretty much a no-brainer. 930's with 5-speeds rock. A 930 with a G50 is freakin' awesome.

Couldn't agree more about the clutch. A 915 pressure plate to hold 400 ft/lbs is utterly miserable if you get caught in traffic, even worse with a puck - it's hard to provide the required finesse when your calf is in spasm because you've been operating a leg press for 20 minutes straight....

There is a point, power-wise, at which it makes no sense whatsoever not to run a 930 or G50 box. I personally couldn't go backwards to 4 speeds (and I think the chances are good that it's not that much cheaper) - there's just no substitute for having the right gear....

Even ignoring the shifting on the G50 (which is fabulously precise, and something you couldn't fail to enjoy), just being able to use that wall o' torque without getting twitchy about what it might be doing to the 915 is worth it...
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