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Originally Posted by BigRedRuf View Post
Yep car has tons of paper work to document work done.

Originally the car was a 911
Originally Posted by ficke View Post
I never know what to say my car is, but this thread has helped. It is not a Ruf vin car, tagged car or Ruf built car, It is a modified car with Ruf and Porsche parts.
All the Ruf parts ( 5- speed trans, IC, P&C, cams, muffler, turbo, etc.) and the Porsche sports purpose parts ( clutch, air filter housing, boost controller, boost gauge, etc.) were brought in Germany from Ruf. The rear wheels were brought from Ruf but were modified Fuchs by DP. I have all the Ruf receipts and the importation papers for the car and the German registration.
So the car is highly modified but looks totally stock, no Ruf bodywork, steering wheel or badges except the sticker for the transmission oil and what is cast on the IC.
So I have a modified 930 using Ruf and Porsche parts.
Drivability and power is better but I do not think it would be worth more than a stock one since it is a bolt on modified car.
I think Paulo summed it up well.
By the way I have 82,000 miles on this Ruf engine and it does not burn oil and makes good power. I take it regularly on road trips my only real complaint is the 11-12 MPG on the highway and worse in the city and the fact that you always feel you are in a school zone even at 80 on the freeway.
Sounds like each of you have very interesting, and unique vehicles that should be big fun! Personally I say drive and enjoy them. The whole value proposition and/or potential seems to jade the senses of what these cars are and what they were designed and/or modified for.

Every car I own is modified to one degree or another.. it was either purchased that way or I modified it.. most mods are reversible, some not so much. What has that done to the value? Well, I don't know and really don't care as I bought and/or modified them well before any of the current run-ups, or before anyone gave a damn and I bought them to drive and enjoy.

My 930, is 2nd 930 produced for 78 model year.. its a Slantnose conversion by Alan Johnson Racing done in its original Petrol Blue. The motor is a 3.5 on CIS originally by PowerHaus and later by Andial.. What's the value? Who knows but as the 2nd 3.3 930 produced I'm sure there is some there. Another that I own is a 73 S, it was a fully optioned car with s/r and pwr windows, and thru the grill fog lights. When I bought it, it didn't have the correct engine.. I'VE owned it since 1990, and drove it just about every day up until 98.. I even drove it in the rain because it didn't leak and the wipers worked. It will get its 3rd motor this spring w/all the Ruf goodies I mentioned earlier, it has SC flares 16' turbo fuchs, a fact duck tail, and some very nice suspension mods, oh, and the battery boxes were cut off too.. long ago. 356 Outlaw.. we won't even talk about that cause its just insanely modified. Value? Do I really care? This for me does not dictate how I enjoy my car.. sure, I recognize that the value has increased, I know what they are bringing, and they are insured accordingly.. However, I bought them to drive and enjoy, and I have and will.

When time comes to sell.. if ever, then someone will either pay my price or make an offer that I'm comfortable with or they can go chase themselves! In essence, the market doesn't dictate what I do with/to my cars.. they were not purchased on speculation or with end value in mind, because they will always worth something, if only what I paid.

BigRedRuf; Put that monster together and enjoy it. Is your situation one where the car is without engine & trans? Or do you have the complete car and its apart? There are a number of options you could take to bring the car back to the road.. turbo or non. You have records, between that, and what-ever you decide to do I would think that this would still add value as you can track the lineage. There are a lot of options available and given the year of your car, if no motor is present, I think I'd build up something using some of the more current technology available like efi, special coating etc.. as opposed to trying to track down all the dated Ruf parts.

ficke; Seems as though you have a well sorted sleeper. I would think the only thing you need to say about your car is that its fast!
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