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Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
in the seventies and eighties during the Oil scare and all that and 99 percent of all the worlds cars were detuned , decylindarised, de turboised, turned into lettuce eating tortoises

but come the rebels the , 930's , Ferrari, Corvette Stingrays?, Lambos? (famous ones that i know of) sports cars manufacturers bucking the petrol price scare trend and leaving the pack behind, with forced induction , or bigger engines, more power........

Now match all of these up in a drag.....0-100, 0-200 doesnt matter,
930 is faster than a 454 V8 Corvette Stingray actually it was the fastest of them all,
i think the vette got closest to it in 0-100 about 8 or so seconds?? but was still 3 seconds out thats a BIG gap
So why is the 930 second to the ferrari in stature/price?
these cars were firstly about performance werent they?
or was it looks?
But its not only faster its better looking than a ferrari as well!

Published times a popular and differing depending where and what you read,

ive read in 0 to 100kmh or 0 to 62mph the following facts based upon the tester or magazine
in the manual i think mine says 5.2 seconds in 0 to 100kmh

(Porsche have always been extremely conservative especially in older cars, how much conservative?

I read an old 4 wheels magazine they got a 1978 or 1979 model 930 a 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds !

And theres guys here on PP that complain how theyre getting dragged off by isuzus??

a well driven 930 with a 4.8 second time is a full 0.1 sec faster than the fastest of the Subaru WRX's the Famous WRX STI which does the 0-100 in 4.9 seconds and deemed the fastest production car in australia at time of printing in 2013

So whats the deal with that?

why do people here (actually there in the US) say they are getting dragged off?
is it their driving style?
are they nancy girls?
are their cars clapped out and neglected
all of the above?

Are US 930's really a different type of car that they really do get dragged off by 4 bangers? that can not be true, and if it isnt true then the next person here to complain they want more power cos a nun on a bike dragged them off call them a nancy girl, or as ronnie once said a Pooftie?

Another tihng,
i tihnk RTarly last year posted a graph of some before and after tuning shots,
drive in car had about 140hp
after tune, mix etc, 240hp
then IC another 50 or something,

So right there shows that theres probably more than a few cars here that are running well below their potential

WHAts the deal with that??

Fix your car!
If you complain about getting dragged off its because your neglecting it!
Main reason this info is a closely guarded secret by them and not spoken. Just go to any of the other cars mentioned events or just about any car event and listen to the BS. Or like in the last Mecum auction televised those muscle car gurus moderating, not just ignoring Porsche, but would never mention these facts. Too bad, their loss. When I go to the vintage races it is pretty obvious that any car close to most Porsches in the same class, all that is left production stock or race parts that were supplied thru their racing department at production time, are the tail lights. Even then they usually look pretty weak.
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