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After a caliper rebuild (or a pad replacement, if you push the pistons in too far) it will take a while for the pistons to work out to their proper "at rest" position, (with the pads just off the rotors). The seal on the piston grabs the cylinder walls a little bit so that when you let off the brakes they release. If this is the problem you will need to push harder or even pump the pedal, as the pistons have farther to travel before they contact the rotor.

It should be easy to check if this is your problem. Pull the wheel off and have a look, if there is any space at all visable between the pad and the rotor, you need to get the pistons to extend more. Some people say to use a block of wood in place of the new pad, or an old pad. If this is what is happening, it will fix itself over time, as you brake and the pistons work their way out normally. In other words, "It fixes itself"

The proceedure from the Bentley manual doesn't look right. I was taught that you shouldn't pump the pedal with the valve open, as releasing the pedal will draw air in the bleeder valve.

The way I learned it is:

Helper pumps until firm pedal and hold, says "OK"

Open bleeder valve, helper feels the pedal soften, but doesn't push all the way to the floor as overextending can damage the M/C

Close bleeder valve when fluid stops, moving. Say "OK"

Repeat as necessary.

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