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whoa there killers

talk about a threadjack



First - patina - howabout puttin yer name in yer sig so we don't have to call you by yer screen name, jah?

But, as I'm good w/ names I think yer name is Patrick.

So, yeah - Patrick... now yer callin me a douche? My touché douch-ay comment to Ronnie was about him NOT being a hypocrite and posting MC pics in a 930 thread, as he'd said the value thread belonged in the Marketplace forum... wasn't any sort of jab otherwise.

so, yeah


Like I had 'that' thread moved.

As Ronnie clearly (for once) pointed out... it was a marketplace discussion and as such belongs in the marketplace forum. Someone finally took their head out of their arse and put it there. You found it valuable. Many others found it annoying. Why? Jake's reply is nail / head.

That, and Tony hisself finally admitted he put it 'here' sheerly to be annoying.

Point taken.

Yet, you call me ze douche? Errrr, OK bro... whatever werks for you... I'm verymuch OK w/ that. Rockon with yer badself dude. I hereby retract my comments of how awesome your car and recent work is. That better for ya there Chiefy?



schwing! Jahmon, back in the saddle again... exxxxxxxxxxxcellent. Enjoy.

OtherMark... agreed w/ Kenik... dayum... $5k... must... summon... remaining shreds... of willpower. Nice bikes. Fergot you had those, sawn them before yearseses ago here. Tre-cool.

Now, back to 930potd - eh? Schpeakin of er um uhhh... "Loose Cannons"?:

Now, regarding me & Ronnie's special (er) 'love'... well... he & I get more laughs out of that bs than anyone will ever comprehend... which is just perfect. Either you get it our you don't.

NOW... AGAIN... back to... 930potd???:

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