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Originally Posted by Ronnie's.930 View Post
Brendon, that's you on the gold bike in the Godsmack vid? Sweet!

Dave, small world is right! I see some rash on the side in that thar pic - were you unhurt? I've never collided with a car (some track crashes, unfortunately) - can't imagine it's fun!

And one more for Paul (for now ).

PS - Paul sent me a message requesting autographed pics pf me on the Duc - I shudder to think what he will do with them!!!

This is entering the "Bus Stop" turn at Hallet. The approach is downhill, flat out in top gear, and the corner is incredibly tight and slow (very heavy braking and back shifting into 2nd gear on this bike with the sprockets used for this track) - serious gut-check corner for sure. I ate **** there once when the track was wet - that was NOT a fun moment!

Lots of "meat head" activity in that corner due to people thinking they are Superbike Superman when they clearly aren't (aka: common to get "taken out" by other racers, there).
No broken bones, just got knocked out from contact with asphalt. Locked up the rear and laid it down. After 3 months of physical therapy, life got back to normal. Bike had about $3K of damage....totally disintegrated clutch/housing.

Regarding the whole "potd" versus Tony's "Recent Sales" thing, I think jwasbury statement (post #816) summed it up beautifully. I really regard this particular site as this raw enjoyment 930's bring to us. I know the RGruppe types sneer at the 930's...the whole Normally Aspirated versus Forced Induction...
Tony's thread was like following day-trader's insights. People in it for the long haul don't care. I bought my slant back in '98 when people specifically stated when they were looking to buy, "No Guards Red, No Slantnoses". Things have changed and I still don't give a rat's arse...

Now onto POTD.....
Car up on the BendPak getting ready for engine drop. I had the misfortune last Fall when returning from Road America, of getting some bad gas from a BP station in a small town. It was a nice Fall day and I was enjoying the ride with the windows down and hadn't noticed any noises until I rolled the windows up in the early evening. Then I heard a mild "pinging" coming from the back. Crap! Crap!
Fortunately, I was cruising the whole way back. The oil temp was only up about 5*F from normal and I thought I probably had picked up some bug-kill during the drive. When I got home, the exhaust tips were chalk-white and the oil tank was a-huffing-and-a-puffing when I took the oil cap off. Busted piston rings!! Drained the oil and found nothing unusual on the drain plugs or in the collected oil. Dodged a bullet in some respects, but still a big hit in the wallet.

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