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The ignition key part could play a role. My '77's ignition switch - the mechanical part - more often won't turn to the start position than not. I put in a push button switch to do that job. I have replaced the switch part (nasty job) several times, and it is not why this is happening - the key part is simply worn out, and it is more difficult to fix. Since the other parts work fine (and this is primarily a track car anyway), the button is a fine solution.

Take a look at the wiring diagram, and see how you could install a temporary switch (so as not to cut holes in the dash for one) to see if bypassing the start position (key in the run position) allows a start (or at least turns the starter over) when otherwise it won't turn with the key.

You can do something similar to see if there is a voltage issue at the starter solenoid. The solenoid does two things - it pushes the starter gear out to engage the engine flywheel ring gear (or is that done just by the way the starter is made?). And it makes a contact so that the current from the huge battery cable is connected to the starter. Anyway, with starter issues often you will hear a click - but nothing more happens. The click is the solenoid moving, whether it is doing its other jobs or not. Means at least that the key is closing the solenoid circuit, and current is reaching it.

Anyway, you can jumper from the connection of the battery cable at the starter to the press on wire fitting on the solenoid. Does the same thing as the ignition switch does as far as the starter is concerned. That should tell you if there is a problem with voltage drop or something in the solenoid to switch connection. The solenoid kits basically do this - connect the low voltage drop, high current capacity battery wire to the solenoid via a relay. This reduces the current needs of the ignition wire.

I have had good results with the geared starters. I use ones made for aircooled VWs - they bolt right up. I'd use one on my SC if my racing class rules allowed it (but they don't). Luckily, the starter from 1976 has always worked fine.
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