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Originally Posted by jwasbury View Post
It would be bad luck, but as I mentioned earlier it does happen, and more often than you'd like to think. You're not dealing with the OE parts there anymore so that also introduces additional variables.

If the pressure plate spacer or that release bearing are incorrectly sized by a few millimeters, that would do it I think. Sometimes the wrong parts end up in the package too, so that the packaging suggests its the right part, but its really not.

The pressure plate you're replacing was the standard (fat) one, yes? If you have the engine out again perhaps there is a way that you could measure the distance from release bearing to the flywheel and compare the old vs. the new. Might be a tough measurement to make accurately, but it would tell you for sure if that's the problem.

You say your old clutch disk came out in pieces, no? I'd think that was the cause of your prior problem. It seems to me those pieces would get jammed up and cause the same symptoms.
Yeah, if I do drop the motor, I will be paying close attention to the parts I replaced to see if they are out of spec. I do have the old PP to compare it to, but since they are different, it wont be easy to know if it is wrong since the tolerances are probably so tight between perfect and unusable.

I also would need to figure out how to test the PP to make sure it is actually releasing the correct amount while I have it out. No idea what it should be or how to test it at the moment. Assuming I determine that the flywheel is on correctly, the friction disc is the correct thickness and diameter, and the clutch release fork is not bent or broken, it would have to be the pressure plate either mounted wrong, out of spec or not releasing correctly.

I am trying to figure out which is cause and which is effect with respect to my failed friction disc. Did my old friction disc cause the binding when it was in three pieces? Or did another issue cause the failure of the disc and it was never the root cause to begin with?

I have lined up a Porsche tech to come to my house and check it out, so depending on how fast he can get here, I may leave it alone so he can see the issue in action before I pull it apart. There is still the possibility that the PSJ or the clutch cable are adjusted improperly (small chance, but you never know).
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