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Originally Posted by boosted79 View Post
One more thing, did you actually look at the reference marks on the arm and shaft? Do they line up?
I don't know where this is or how to check it. Do you mean the bottom of the clutch fork shaft and the short lever that the stop bolt presses against? There are marks?

Originally Posted by boosted79 View Post
It looks to me like there is still some space between the ears on the TOB and the trans case? Try taking all of the free play out with the adjusting bolt and see what happens. edit - Before you do that adjust the pedal stop to give more travel so the TOB is pulled closer to the trans housing. Is the left side of the TOB ear in the pics actually hitting the trans housing? The right side appears to have more room to travel. Also, forget about the "specs". They don't matter once you go to aftermarket. All you are concerned with is when at temp there is still free play between the arm and the adjusting bolt and the TOB is pulled back far enough to disengage the disc, whether that's 25 mm or 35 mm of travel it doesn't matter. If the TOB is hitting the trans case and it still won't release then you have a problem.
While there is some space between the ear and the trans case, I don't think there is any room between the actual spacer tube and the guide tube flange that is bolted to the trans case. The difference between the left and right of the TOB ears is an optical illusion as the trans case is flat behind the ears. What you see on the left side is the trans case higher up partially hiding the view of the TOB ear because of the angle of the photo.

Question - does anyone know if it is normal to have to move the TOB this far to typically get the clutch disc to fully release? I cant imagine that it is.

Another option is that my disc is somehow pressing on the flywheel and transferring force to the disc even though the PP is far enough away. Maybe there is something wrong with the splines, or something is jammed in it to keep it from moving? The side of the original disc that failed is up against the flywheel, not the PP, so that would be consistent with the disc not moving away from the flywheel when the PP is fully released...

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