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Another 911sc Turbo Conversion

I have a 1980 SC that has the Euro motor with 8.6:1 compression.

I've had this car for about 8 years now. So far it's run flawlessly. It came with all the usual recommended updates for this year 911. I didn't know it at the time, but it had been in a wreck earlier in its life. The previous owner must have know but didn't reveal that bit of info. Of course I wasn't the most experience of Porsche buyers at the time and it wasn't obvious. I found out after adding the IROC FG bumpers and noticed I couldn't get them to line up perfectly. (Reasonably perfect that is.) My suspicions were confirmed after a corner balance.

I eventually got over it and decided it wasn't all that bad having a "flawed" car. That meant I wouldn't get caught up in doing a q-tip restoration anytime soon and just enjoyed the car for what it was.

Over the past eight years I've added headers and a performance exhaust, 930 Fuchs, removed the CIS in exchange for a Megasquirt programmable EFI, Carrera intake manifolds, re-did the interior with light weight felt (and removed a LOT of weight) added some better seats and even a roll bar.

I put it on the dyno a few years after the upgrades and I scored 190whp. Not too bad for what changes I made. She only weighs about 2350lbs. I did a few minor changes to the suspension like stiffer TB's and new shocks. I even replaced the bushings with Elephant Racing polybronze.

I did autocross for a bit and started doing DE's about 4 or 5 years ago. That's been fun.

She currently has 180,000 miles on it. I know what you might be thinking: Adding a turbo? Are you crazy!? Well, I look at it this way: I'm 45. I'm not getting any younger and the way the car is going it'll probably last another 10 years. I know I won't tear into a perfectly good motor if there's nothing wrong with it. It doesn't smoke or burn any (much?) oil. So what if I add a turbo and have a little fun? If I blow it up... there's my excuse to rebuild. If it lasts another 10,000 or 20,000 miles, so be it. (I'd be happy with 10,000 turbo miles.)

So that brings me to now.

I'll go ahead and document my build and you guys can watch in eager anticipation. What will a low boost (.5 bar) turbo do to a motor with 180,000 miles on it?

The car currently has:
Megasquirt II EFI
Carrera Intake

Let's find out....

My current parts list as of today's post:

The first part of the project will begin with fitting a small intercooler. I have a ducktail and wouldn't mind keeping it. So I'll have to squeeze this thing in there.

I'm still working on the mounts in back but it shouldn't be too hard to do.

Next up will be mounting and connecting the MSD Boost Retard box.

* 1980 911SC - Widebody, turbo conversion, 930 LSD gearbox, Bitz MS-II EFI, Carerra intake, <2400lbs, 360whp @9psi.

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