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Originally Posted by baloo View Post
Thanks for the info and the chart.
So, it is possible that an IC actually decreases HP over a non-intercooled turbo due to its restriction?
The restriction can actually negatively offset the increase in HP that the cooling of the IC provides?

There have been many comments about the stock Porsche 930 IC and how it is junk.
Would you recommend removing the stock 930 IC and just going without one?
First paragraph, yes, but there's more to it. If the IC is extremely tiny, it won't flow enough CFM. Not to mention, since the boost required is WAY higher, the heat generated from the turbo will probably overcome the IC's ability to dissipate heat anyways. So, yes, running without "can" generate more power, but I wouldn't recommend, nor don't think anyone else would either.

Second paragraph, no. Cool restricted air (stock IC) is better than hot, non-restricted air (no IC at all)!
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