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Originally Posted by patina View Post

Are these the uber nice cams from Germany that you were telling me about last time we spoke? How would they compare to the 'SC330' option you mentioned? Thanks!

Yes, they are.
Different ramp profiles to increase valve lift, build area under the curve for more flow.
They still work with the stock rocker arms, and are better still with aftermarket billet rockers.
I'd put them above SC, SC330, and 964 cams.

Tippy -- no, not cheaper, factor in German labor ($$$) and int'l air freight and they're priced similar to factory camshafts.
No unicorn tears or magic dust, just improved ramp profiles.
The last 3.8L single single turbo we tuned used Dirk's cams and it pulled over 35hp more than expected -- and that was despite tuning it in thin air at 6,200ft elevation.
A solid 600whp powerplant in a '94 3.6T chassis.

Will Dougherty and Elgin make you some trick camshafts? Sure.
Dougherty (IMO) synthesizes his experience with customer feedback and makes changes -- but isn't an engine builder, so may not be getting the full picture.
Elgin is practically an institution, but be prepare to hand over way more information than you're expecting to be asked for in order for him to make you some custom cams.

And that's if they even have blanks to grind them on, which has been a problem this season.

Based on lots of engine builds and dyno work the past few years, I've come to the conclusion that most people have been under-camming their 911 Turbos, along with running too-small turbos.
We've been running cams that many here would dismiss as "too aggressive" based on the numbers, yet the engines idle at 950-1,000rpm, have big torque numbers at 3,000rpm thanks to earlier spooling, and they keep building power until a little past 6,000rpm (or more in some cases). All these benefits and, except for the cost, no down sides.

They're part of the reason a 3.3L engine fitted with a big GT40R-sized turbo can spool early and hard and be completely streetable.
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