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Originally Posted by kenikh View Post
I installed the outer o-ring and the IC to uppipe rubber ring this morning. The difference is both noticeable and measureable: boost comes on faster, earlier and holds longer. This makes the fact that I can only get to .4 BAR boost even more annoying. The car is just getting a head of steam at that point and wants to be unleashed!

In the process, I also observed that the alignment of the IC is way off, a problem which is clearly attributable to the uppipe. I think part of the boost issue was related to the poor alignment, throwing the BPV to IC interface a few degrees off. Where the one o-ring might have held fine in perfect alignment, being slightly off kilter seemed to have done it in. In terms of the IC to uppipe interface, I donít think there was an issue there. It was tight. On reassembly, I liberally lubed all of the o-rings with silicone grease and put it all back together so that everything seated squarely. The seals seem more positive, as well as everything slipping together more easily.

Back to the IC and uppipe alignment: something just isnít right with the current uppipe solution, which mind you, isn't ideal. We had to cut a stock uppipe and use some turbo hose with clamps to get the IC to work, but things just aren't dialed in the way they should be. As a result, the IC to (top-left) BPV bolt is so far off, even with all three of the IC bolts slack, I had to pull hard on the IC to get the IC/BPV holes to align, so that I could get the threads some purchase. I can easily see that over the longer term, this would very easily lead to the type of crack in the boss on the BPV, that required me to replace my previous one. I also think that this alignment issue is what necessitated the spacer on the BPV/Throttle body bolt.

Now that I have seen it all apart, Iíll give it some thought and see what solutions come to mind. Oh, and I'll get the damned boost control solenoid figured out so I can get some bigger boost!
Why don't you swing by. I should be able see what's up. Something is def. amiss if your alignment is that far of that it's breaking sheit. My $ would be on the turbo. Is it a k-27 hybrid ? Anyhow, I have extras of every stock piece of the exhaust and intake, as well as engine tin. It's all just sitting on a shelf and will do so until I sell my car. Which will be never. I'm sure we can get it sorted in short order.
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