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Originally Posted by 75 911s View Post
Grimm -- W O W Stunning car! You can understand why there are so many that argue that you can't improve upon the stock car. Just beautiful!

In my case, I determined through paint receipts and actually looking at the car that it had been damaged in the back quarter. That fact, the general condition of the car (well used) with the fact that it might be the least desirable of all the air cooled (a 75 California) car led to my decisions to mod it to my own liking.

The comment you reference was probably due to my very first post where I say "yeah it's a middie" - so he was responding there is no shame in owning a middie. You have to admit that the midyears have a bad rap. This was due to notable folks like Bruce Anderson's book outlining the bad design of those early emissions setups. Us midyear owners know the Truth! :-)

The general consensus that I've seen is that the 2.7 mag case and thermo reactors was an awful combination, nearly all surviving cars have had them removed. The 2.7 can be a great engine and we all know about the 74 RS.

I think when I first came into the forum it's easy to be blown away by the high dollar cars. You see a Singer and it takes a bit of courage to post my little 75. But you are right, there's absolutely no shame in owning a Porsche! What makes it easier is the extremely knowledgeable and helpful community.

That is part of the reason I'm documenting some of the more mundane things -I want to pass on some of the info I've found in dozens of threads and tie them all together in one build thread. I'm sure there are folks out there that might think because they don't have a lift, or tons of expensive snap on tools or even a garage - they may not be able to do their own work.
So hopefully they can see that a noob like me can pretty much do it all. Eventually I plan a full engine drop, rebuild to fix all the leaks. My car will not leak. mark my words! :-D

Wachuko -

YES! I struggled with the mirror decision for months! On page one of this thread, JR posted the black mirror part number - I punched it into PP and they said they had them in stock! Even better they were cheaper than the chrome mirrors.

Of course I got an email a day later saying they were NLA. Too good to be true. At that point I thought about the chrome one again but it just looked too classic. I'm not restoring, I'm making it my own. Then I was going to go with the Vitaloni Sebring that you see on Magnus' SC. It uses the flag bases. Problem is that they are hard to find and expensive now, also the fact that I would have to buy bases and re drill new holes to accommodate flag mirrors.

The Vitaloni Baby Tornados are super light and very small. They pay homage to the 'flag' generation of mirrors too.

BTW I want to thank fanaudical for the writeup on the EGR delete...EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you.
I love what you're doing with your Porsche. I know someday I'll do something like that, too.

I guess I hadn't had enough coffee before I made my earlier post, and I was a bit ornery. Anyway, yeah, I get it. The middies have been dissed, along with the Cabs and Targas. I love 'em all.

By the way, I had a '73S that set a record a few years ago at Amelia when it was sold (by he guy I sold it to), and I also currently have a '90 Cab. The funny thing is that out of all of them, I like the Cab the most. Go figure. Anyway, carry on. I really enjoy this thread.
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