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Got my new single pulley, replacement shims and pulley wrench from PP.

Getting the new fan belt on was a major frustration. First time changing out a belt. I guess it doesn't help when you are 6'6" and the pulley is about 2 feet off the ground. Next time I put it up on jack stands. ow my old back. Too much basketball in my youth.

The difficulty lies in keeping the belt from getting pinched while you tighten the pulley half up. As per the 101 projects book, I went with 5 shims on the inside and 1 on the out to start. I got the nut on and then rotated the pulley half to move the belt higher on the pulley. If it gets pinched, you have to loosen and rotate back. Eventually you can get the belt high enough to tighten the nut. I torqued it down (29.5 ft/lbs) and the belt had about 1/4" of finger push.

While I was waiting on those parts I was fixing the hand throttle and was waiting on the 'value lever'

Thank you to this gentleman for getting me started

so Here's what worked for me:

1. Remove both seats
2. Remove carpet near the parking brake, it snaps off toward the back an peels toward the front
3. Remove the parking brake boot -it will slide up over the top - no need to remove knobs.
4. Remove the 3 housing bolts (13mm) for the parking brake assembly
5. Remove the parking brake cable retaining pin clip and retaining pin so that you can move the assembly far enough off the access hole for the tunnel. The two defrost cables will still be connected. I was unable to remove the hand levers or cables for the defrost.
6. Remove the 13mm bolt, washer, two friction washers and hand throttle handle from the bolt that runs through the housing.
7. Install new value lever, there should be a tiny washer and retaining clip that hold it on to the hand throttle.
8. Position the hand brake and housing near the e-brake cable and reinstall the pin and retaining clip for the parking brake. I used one of those long parts grabbers with the retractable claws.
9. Put a friction washer back on and loosely place the throttle arm back onto the bolt on the housing and align the value lever on the accelerator cable barrel nut by feel. place the other friction washer, the metal stopper washer and the smaller washer and nut back on for the throttle arm.
10. Test by watching the accelerator pedal - It should depress when moving the hand throttle.
11. Reinstall housing bolts, boot, carpet. Ensure parking brake, defrost levers and hand throttle operate.

Easy as 1, 2 4~!

I also did some cosmetic stuff. New taillight lenses.

I just can't believe it would crack in this area!

Clean the inside out while you're there...


Duh forgot gaskets. Well the lenses went on for now, the old gaskets weren't perfect but they will work temporarily.

Also painted up my wiper arms.
self etching primer

Don't forget new covers

My amazing paint booth

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