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That was some valve adjustment. Tell you what. I'm now $1000.00 richer! or $1000.00 less poor or something.

1. Remove plugs, valve covers (Pro-tip there are four!) Dizzy cap etc.
2. ???
3. Profit!

In all seriousness there is a steep learning curve but persistence, logic and this board as a resource got me through it.

Got my sump cover on right way

I was blind before and couldn't see that my pulley DOES have a z1 mark on it. Once I found TDC I was confident about checking the gaps...which btw were all too tight. Finding WHERE the gauge slides in (when you are on your back under the car reaching up into a tiny space is a pain, but once you get that first slide in, tighten up -feel the right resistance - it's a victory - the rest after the first one were cake.

One good thing that came about the valve job is I removed the passenger side wheel and I found a 5 inch bolt sticking out of the engine bay! It probably didn't affect the PO as he was running the 6" wide wheels, but I'm glad I saw it and cut it off. I couldn't get to it via the engine bay as it was behind the shock mount. Coulda been bad.

I put a new cap, rotor and points on as well. She had no spark so I took it apart and moved the gap in and it's running. It was running like bantha fodder until I noticed one wire was off the cap. Duh. My wires are really loose in the cap - I'll be ordering a new set.

Now it's purring nicely, starting nicely and begging to be driven!~

Next up is to buy a timing gun and maybe a used dwell ...uh...meter? Any recommendations on that?

I also need a .012 feeler gauge for the points for the initial setting.

I picked up a drain cover from the local hardware store and shot it with satin.

Makes a pretty good cover for the EGR delete.

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