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A few things about your settings you are going to want to change.

1. you fuel tables scale to 300kPa. There is no way you are running 2 bar of boost. Set the top row at your wastegate spring limit and then rescale your Y fuel load bins to redistribute.

2. You have fuel switching enabled. Don't think you will need this at all. Turn it off.

3. your timing table is only scaled to 100kPa. you need to match this to your fuel (VE) table.

4. Disable EGO control. This can be turned back on once you have the car running and very well tuned.

5. Set your Accel enrichment threshold to the highest number you can. This will effectively turn it off. Turn it back on after you have tuned the fuel map.

6. Your AFR targets will need to be revised and you can do this after the car is running and you know what load and rpm you have at certain conditions (idle, cruise, etc).

Let's assume that your wiring is setup correctly for now.

Generally in this case you are not getting enough fuel. If the car does not start increase the req_fuel value by 0.5 and try again. Keep increasing the req_fuel value by the same increment until the car will start. Once it starts you will have fuel controlled by the value in the VE table and the warmup enrichment (WUE). You started the car cold and you know that the total pulsewidth of fuel is enough to start the car. So as the car warms up it will start to show exceptionally rich. You now have to start the tuning process of adjusting the fuel trim (VE table) at each operating point.

Don't start to really modify the fuel map until the car is near full temp or your WUE values are 0 (no additional fuel= 100%). When tuning idle target the lowest MAP reading you can get. Currently you should ignore the AFR reading.

Next, you have to tune the free rev zones of the engine. slowly rev the engine with the gas pedal and tune each point on the curve until you can rev the engine. Then bring up the rest of the areas of the VE Table to blend with your free rev curve.

Now you are ready to drive.

I prefer to manually tune the car at this point with someone else driving. Go slow and methodically hit as many datapoints/bins as you can in the table as you can. You should be able to tell if the car runs well or doesn't .

Since you are fuel only at this point changing the trigger angle will not do anything.
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