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Begin with 100s for the VE map, and set the warm up curve to match the original WUR
A target AFR table can be calculated and tuned against if desired, and I'm sure some here will have suggestions.
Dyno time and tuning to your engines output is my preference and recommendation.

What you do with the Original stock power plug to WUR will depend on how the system is wired up. The dkubus kits were using it to power the FrankenCIS eWUR.

Pick up RPM off the tach output pin under the cdi tray?
to begin with, yes
Once you decide to implement ignition control then change to the distributor or crank sensor input instead of tach.

IAT sensor? *Where recommended to install in stock 930? *Any difference when later going to longneck intercooler?
IAT should be taken from the same point that air is measured, so as close to the CIS air plate as possible. The Air cleaner box is a good spot.
Just remember that because CIS has the air metering plate it is already adjusting itself to air density. We suggest initially setting Air Density correction to zero correction or 100%.
So IAT can be used for fine tuning but is not as important as it would be if we were installing a normal injector based EFI system.

Use the vac line from throttle body to thermo valve on triangle of deal for MAP? *Is there a better place to T that in?
If so, what to do with other line? *Cap off? Where does that line go? *I don’t recognize the “thermal valve” in gavin’s thread
The folks here should be able to confirm the best point to connect

Freq valve is disconnected from current connector and replaced with connector from MS *lambda box under drivers seat now unneeded, *Leave disconnected right? Don't need to keep current narrowband for anything, right?
Yes, the second injector output on the MicroSquirt can directly control the frequency valve and the original lambda box can be disconnected. The Narrowband sensor is replaced by the Wideband.

Does your kit get me anything other than the WUR block over sourcing all the pieces myself and installing the new firmware? *Might be easier and can get started sooner. *Connector pack?
The FrankenCIS WUR block is the only special component if you would like to source all of the other bits yourself
1981 928S 4.7 ROW with KE3-Jetronic and Franken8 (AEM Inifinty) follow at []
Yes! mechanical/hydraulic constant flow injection can be managed by a modern EMS
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