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petri 06-15-2008 09:18 PM


I would never be ashamed of driving that car. I'd drive the pants out of that thing where ever, and when ever I could.
Thank you for your strongly motivating comment. I'm just very critical for the body parts by me, more because of the tuning trend which is actual now. Therefore I think that any car to carry such a front lip I've made because of the front downforce as well as side skirts for the air tunnel must have some real substance behind the scene. Thank God this car has :D.
And, yes, I'm proud to drive it, especially, that it is fast both when accelerating, in terms of velocity and (the most important) this is the killing fast at track. I will be between July 9th - 22nd in Nürburgring to fine tune the suspension and to see if there is still something to do. And I'm wuite sure there will be another session in the end of September to try to catch some serious times (in my own scale, probably not in ultimate scale, I'm still driving 90ies car with 70ies LeMans Technology, so still with reasonably good performance it has its lacks of handling (this is one mean machine to keep under control).
There will be also FIA GT2-rule rear wing (single part wing located 10cm below the deck line and 5cm in from the rear bumper line) instead of earlier GT1-rule 2-part wing shown in the earlier pics (with black sideskirts and front bumper).
We have been building the Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia rules up for the becoming season and the agreement for the wing policy was GT2, so that will be it.

Facey 06-18-2008 10:56 AM

I will be at the nurburging around that same time frame! would love to watch a few laps! It's looking like i will be there around the 10th, although nothing is set in stone when traveling europe @ 21....

my plan is to sit in the m5 taxi for a lap; then see if i cannot rent a car for 3-5 laps...seems like a great way to spend a day....
Hope to cya there

petri 06-19-2008 08:10 AM

Yes, there will be 29 other Porsches from Finland as well, so there will be a collection of "Flying Finns" having fun. BE aware... :D

Facey 06-22-2008 09:23 AM

dunno if there is ride-along request etiquette, however just putting it out there.... I would LOVE a shotgun ride of the ring!

np if its against restrictions, personal belief or etc. no excuses needed.

aseem 06-23-2008 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by RarlyL8 (Post 3995107)
Why is everyone wearing high water pants in the last picture? You live in a flood plain?

Ineresting bodywork. I've not seen anything quite like it. Got any engine pix?

Its just that after seeing all the American tourists wearing shorts at every occasion, we've completely stopped wearing them. ;) Those in-between things is a compromise....

petri 06-23-2008 08:42 PM

Yes, you can have co-drivers with you in the Ring. As if you know, the rules says, during the regular tourst day it is "a one direction freeway not a race track". Basically race cars are not allowed, therefore our cars are registered and street legal. We'll see... if your stomach can handle. If you haven't been in the Ring befoere and if you don't remember the whole track completely, a co-driver place of some experienced driver can really be a Experience, not only in good way. The track is a sort of rollercoaster in tarmac...

I wonder if I posted to some fashion forum... when I thought I posted to Porsche forum? :eek: SmileWavy

Reaper930 06-23-2008 10:45 PM

Ahahahaha, he called ya'll the fashion police!

Awesome Petri :) Again, your car is fantastic!

petri 06-24-2008 03:20 PM

Thanks Reaper, how is your 944 Turbo GTR project going? Looks also very interesting, there is some parallels with the 928 GTR I'm also building now.

Reaper930 06-24-2008 07:57 PM

Its on hold for right now so I can be there when they start the construction of the tube frame in November. I want to oversee EVERY aspect of the design and fabrication.

Looks like it will be a fantastic 928 with all that effort!

Facey 07-08-2008 07:39 AM

Will be at the ring around the 13th-15th likely only their for one day, hopefully we get some sunshine!

would love to see ya there!

petri 07-18-2008 11:05 AM

The training and test session in Nordschleife was a success: everything worked the way they should and my 935-tech Strosek undercovered "bolt collection" proved to be a proper track car. Of course it will need some additional fine tune and small changes, but very minor compared to the major scale.
From the pics you can see the speed only from the tyres bending beneath: suspension is very calm :D. And we did have some serious speeds... :D.

Here is some pics taken by: Jochen Van Cauwenberge, Frozenspeed Motorsport Photography:

Reaper930 07-18-2008 07:11 PM

Beautiful pictures, wish I could be there - very sweet!

petri 07-19-2008 12:19 AM

Thanks for your comment. The old Northern loop is an incredibly beatiful and challenging track, I have been visiting there regularly since 1990.
Let say, next summer, when your satin black beast is ready, shall we consider a trip together there: especially your car should earn its ring-patch to its rear ;)
I can teach you a trick or two on that particular track... :D

Reaper930 07-19-2008 04:32 AM

Petri, I just might take you up on that offer :)

petri 07-27-2008 02:14 AM

The last club race (13 cars altogether, 2 GT3 Cup slicks cars included) of Porsche Racing Club Finland in our major Porsche meeting of Porsche Club Finland (110 cars altogether joined the event and track driving education and experience) brought for the "Green Afterburner" 2nd place in total (with street tyres Toyo R888). Cup cars were still faster with slicks, but we try to make some suspension tuning for the next race to get this car even more competitive with semi-slicks. Also because of the special noise regulation rules of July in the local Ahvenisto Motor Circuit forced me to drive with special exhaust system with only one sided exit (doubled the flame length, took approximately 150hp away and some noise off to make my car noise legal.)

It was so fun to drive with my fellows :D:D.
Photo by Hannu Kulju

petri 07-28-2008 08:11 AM

petri 07-28-2008 08:13 AM

petri 07-30-2008 11:30 AM

Video of the latest race: enjoy if you don't sleep before it ends... :D

Rory Mckenna 07-31-2008 07:51 PM

Petri ,
Great Video.. what is the name of the group that makes the soundtrack for you video? I like it.

petri 08-07-2008 06:04 AM

I really don't like the additional music here, but for your information, the name of the band is "Leevi and the Leavings", notorious joke band from Finland with ironic and melancholic themes...
I'd rather listen the singin of 944 3liter engine in vocals as my boxer 6 in backround...

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