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krasuskyp 05-27-2009 09:39 PM

project 265/45/16 CUMho, lower, bumpsteer, corner balance, align
Drop'd her off @ me local P wrench / speedshop for the above yest. and await Tire Crack's shipment of them ohso potentially delectible CUMho Ecsta's.

For now, it's on the scales.

No driver, fumes (literally): 2755lbs - this - after I removed a verified 150lbs of 'crap', interesting insight into the curb weights of these. I'm pretty satisfied with that # for now.

Nice was the L/R & F/R 'spreads' - not too bad of baseline disparities. IIRC, it was something like F 485/460 R 913/889 (don't go doing the math I'm just spewing #'s from yesterday's 1/2 synapse). So hopefully will dial in nicelike.

Alwaysalways some ohso tastybits to be found @ Musante when I go. A silver/blue 993tt, some crazysic orange 914-6 racer, Chris's RSR, and this '76 mit Better Bodies Bits... anyone recognize? Whilst I'm not mucha fan of the open slat look for the fender vents, the package as a whole was fersure boingerific - quite well set up / executed... BOING! (excuse 951 colleague's cruddy iPhone pix):

Other random interesting scenery - gratuitious shot in front of their new digs (verrrry nice upgrade for them BTW, wicked scenic scene / uber layout & spread)... my junker, owner Chris' yellow RSR on lift, his wife's superclean Mexico Blue '77:

Love this color, car was setup real decent:

Course tires not there and now they're off to run Watkins Glen event; I'll report back on lowering / corner balance results / tire pics & impressions hopefully Monday. I'm am beyond giddy to finally tackle this much needed punchlist item, and the prospect of these new 265's has got me bonerfied...

Miguel Antonett 05-28-2009 04:53 AM

Hey Paul, you're really getting ready for the deal in June, ah?

What else is on your "to do" list?

Enjoy it... it'll get better as you get closer to the weekend of June 27th :-)

krasuskyp 05-28-2009 07:51 AM

Hey Miguel-

Jah mon!

Nothing too much else tho - already put in fresh Brad Penn, brakes were recently done 'n flushed, will be tack welding up my RL8 exhaust next week to lose clamps and keep it from 'walking around'. Wanted to get a rebuilt WUR in there and also do the open air filter but I can't get Brian to return my inquiries (nudge nudge wink wink?). Then I've got to dial the idle down a c-hair (red headed), as well as the CO (even less than a red headed c-hair).

This endeavor has been a year overdue, so figured now was the time. I'd asked my few-miles-away '79 930 bud if I could 'borrow' his Kohklen I/C for the event but he didn't think it was a simple unbolt / bolt affair. I did. Bueller?

Otherwise, she's wax'd and ready to be packed up and mounted. Getting psyched.

Howabout you? Looking forward to meeting you Miguel.

gumba 05-28-2009 08:00 AM

I would be interested to know what the front camber is, and how they got it. Mine seems to max out at .5d.

911st 05-28-2009 08:37 AM

Do you have the Kuhmo's on yet? Pics if you do.

I am probably going to order a set of 265/225's for a set of 7&9 Fuchs I just picked up for my Carrera next week. :)

DDDD 05-28-2009 08:58 AM

Paul, that is a great corner weight spread you have, they should try to get the rears really close.

Your car looks *****in without those fat bumper pads. Have you seen where people put little bolts in the bumper pad holes to serve the same purpose as the bumper pad? I will try to find a picture. The bolts stick out far enough so that they are the first thing that gets hit from behind and they basically sort of do the same job as the bumper pads in theory.

Edit: Since when did b-i-t-c-h-i-n become a swear word?

Miguel Antonett 05-28-2009 09:52 AM

Paul, is this the air filter arrangement you're looking for?

krasuskyp 05-28-2009 11:39 AM

Thanks Dave - I think so too 8-). Double D's are best left for:

Yes Miguel - that's the one. Can you email me that file (I can't quite read the notes), and advise any stats to know on the filter size, etc.? Or linky me to a thread here? Hugely appreciated!

Harold - will do on the pics. I just dropped the tires off - OMG they are saweeeeeeet looking. I'm way jazzed to try them. They look / feel *specatabular*! Will report back Mon. or Tues. once they return from the Glen and get it wrapped up. Can't wait...

Miguel Antonett 05-28-2009 12:30 PM

email sent.

DDDD 05-28-2009 01:21 PM

I can't wait to see those tires of yours. I want some bad. I have literally no rational excuse to get rid of my hankooks.

equality72521 05-28-2009 01:26 PM

I've got the Kumho Ecsta XS in 225/50-16 front and 265/45-16 rear and I absolutely love them. I just did ER polybronze front bushing and alignment/CB. The car handles soooo much better. I'm at 2770lbs with 1/2 tank of gas. The only weight reduction is the rear condenser and compressor for A/C.

911st 05-28-2009 01:34 PM

How is the fit?

Any pics on the car?

Do they have major stick?

equality72521 05-28-2009 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by 911st (Post 4689387)
How is the fit?

Any pics on the car?

Do they have major stick?


They fit perfect on my 8's and 10's with the turbo flairs. I run 21mm spacers up front and 1/4" spacers out back. I don't have pics but can get some. As for stick? I'm actually worried about mechanical failure now because I'm able to torque the steering wheel so hard without breaking the tires free.

krasuskyp 05-28-2009 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by equality72521 (Post 4689394)
As for stick? I'm actually worried about mechanical failure now because I'm able to torque the steering wheel so hard without breaking the tires free.



I soooocannotwait. And they just look damn GNARLY - sidewall, tread design, compound. Yeeeha! I'm running them on my OE 7's & 9's. Let's see some pics of yours Mark...

eimkeith 05-28-2009 02:17 PM

pictures from someone, please?

edit - color me stupid, I'm on the wrong thread!

equality72521 05-28-2009 03:16 PM

equality72521 05-28-2009 03:27 PM

And did I mention they are sticky? ;) I pick up so many pebbles now I should probably undercoat the fender wells. It's like the old joke, "I can stop on a dime and pick it up"! lol

eimkeith 05-28-2009 05:54 PM

nice old school look on that sidewall. got any full side shots?

equality72521 05-28-2009 06:31 PM

Here you go.

911st 05-28-2009 07:48 PM


What rim widths and are you running any spacers?

Are you the guy with the 10" Fuchs?

Keith in Sacramento

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