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PorscheGAL 10-02-2010 05:06 AM

My Arch Nemesis
Yesterday, I had to confront my arch nemesis, a Cobra Mustang. Of all the cars that chase me down the Mustang is top of the list. Second, I would rate the Honda Civic with an exhaust modification and 3rd is the Subaru WRX STI.

I'm not a racer and I'm usually in the right lane at a moderate speed. In other words, I'm not provoking races, but yesterday I drew the line. The Mustang approached me on a highway where I was going 75 in a 70. There was no traffic only a white mustang that had been following me for some time. When looking back I see a Cobra quickling approaching and I knew he was going to harass me. Sure enough I hear the supercharger from his car in my left hear and he is looking to race. In looking at his car and I knew it was a newer model Cobra and the supercharger was very loud. To me, I figured today was a good day to at least try to run against this beast.

The temperature was 82 degrees and my car was running well. I was at 3800 RPM in 3rd gear and my 7006 was ready to spool. Again we were running 75 mph and now are bumpers are even. I gave him a nod to race and it was on.

I could hear that supercharger in my left ear take off and I was expecting him to dash out and completely crush my car. What happened was completely unexpected. I was the one leaving him and not only by a little. My car hit .9 bars and I notice I'm at least 4 car lengths in front of him and he is making no ground. In fact, I feel he hit his brakes. "How could I beat that car that bad," I wondered. He wanted a rematch and then another and now after 4 attempts, he was never even close to my car. In fact, on the last to tries I give him half a car lengths head start because I feel he must be holding back. He wasn't and his car just couldn't sprint as fast I could.

I give him a thumbs up and he was on his way. I couldn't believe that my car could win. I went to do some research on his car. I figured it was a least a 2007 or newer, it was convertible that weighed between 3,800 to 4,000 lbs and had a least 500 hp. I like Mustangs and American Muscle is always fun, but it was slow when starting 75 MPH.

My cars weight and hp are unknown. I know I have taken the A/C and air work completely off and HP is a toss up. I learned a lot from this and one thing is you guy s on this forum have some REALLY fast cars! My car is small potatoes to most of you and I now know you own Rocket Ships!:eek:

Groovie Ghoulie 10-02-2010 05:24 AM

Lol, well. I have an almost IDENTICAL SETUP to your car, The headers, zork, fuel head and wur are on order, along with the HF turbo. The research I did on this SHOULD BE around 400 to the rear wheels, or about 450-480 (depending on who you ask) at the flywheel. Plus your car is a featherweight to that fat 'stang, and makes pretty close to the HP (he is measured at the fly by the factory). So yeah, not surprising you won a good roll-on race.


87 930
Andial IC,
K27 7006 (Soon to be k27 HF)
standard cams
Reworked fuel heads
Adjustable WUR
1 bar boost spring
Rarlyl8 headers

DDDD 10-02-2010 05:26 AM

I took a 'built' mustang one time from a stoplight and I even let out the clutch in first gear before giving it any gas. He got a great holeshot on me and in second gear my car just ripped by him instantly.

These cars were doing 0-60 in 4.7-4.9 seconds back when they first came out. None of the muscle cars do that with the exception of modern corvettes. And of course 930s respond very well to weight loss and power increases.

1SIK930 10-02-2010 05:34 AM

Cool story. "My Little Pony" cars have been my nemesis as well. Even back 10 years ago when I had my 450hp Mitsu Eclipse Spyder, I used to love smoking the Saleen's. Now that I've got somewhere around 500hp and gobs more torque on an even lighter car('87 930), it's made it even easier.

aerodyn930 10-02-2010 05:43 AM

Could we please have a moment of silence for the mustang,,,,,,:D

IMR-Merlin 10-02-2010 07:08 AM

I have a kill story of a Mustang when I had my Dinan Supercharged M3... I'll see if I can pull it off my PC when I get home.

Great story P-GAL!!

RarlyL8 10-02-2010 07:28 AM

Weight kills!
4000lb is a PIG. At 2700lb and 350WHP my 911 Turbo can hang with just about anything that you would typically run up against, 1000HP Supras excluded. WAAHP PSSSHHH WAAAAAAAAHP PSSSSHHH WAAAAAAAP and we're at 100mph.
Our cars respond SOOOO well to bolt-on mods!

Tug68 10-02-2010 09:33 AM

Thanks for the story nice to see what our cars can do!!!!

911st 10-02-2010 12:15 PM

How about painting a Mustang-Kill on the side of the 930 like the old pilots use to do in the dogfighting days!

I suspect the HP was only about 300 for the V8 mustang back then. However a set of mufflers could make it sound like a lot more.

Even with a suppercharger probably not much of a force compared to a tuned 930.

nocarrier 10-02-2010 02:35 PM

Awesome story!

Way to "REPRESENT!" (said with an "urban" flair)

WERK I 10-02-2010 02:35 PM

Yeah, 300HP, real close......

Like RARLY8 stated, it's all HP per LB.

PorscheGal, if you consider that your car is around 3000lbs, and I'm guessing, 400 BHP, that would equate to 7.5 lbs/bhp approx.

The Mustang Cobra, supercharged, is rated at 500 BHP and weighs a whopping 4040 lbs stock, which would equate to 8.1 lbs/bhp.

You should have been able to easily pull away from him according to those numbers.

Inertia is a force to not easily overcome. :D

WPOZZZ 10-02-2010 02:50 PM

Nice writeup! Where I live, we have nothing but imports that like to go on cruises late at night. They usually catch me when I'm driving my truck and they back down because they think I'm an undercover cop.

Mustangs are fast, with lots of torque down low but they are heavy. Looks like you had some fun, just keep it safe. I'm envious as people stay away from me when I'm in the turbo. My guess is because it is obnoxiously loud.

MikeD930 10-02-2010 05:20 PM

Nice kill story, PorscheGAL! As you learned by now our 930 are quicker than we think especially when modded. Heck, even I'm still learning!

Drive hard and safe!

mcguff73 10-02-2010 05:44 PM

I had a similar experience with an earlier version of the cobra. An early 2000 model rated at 390hp. my 930 is stock but I pulled him by several car lenghts on the freeway. He put up a strong effort and blew a head gasket trying to keep up-- huge cloud of white smoke out the back. My 03 mach 1 wouldn't stand a chance on a rolling start either

Craig 930 RS 10-02-2010 06:33 PM

5:1 power to weight KILLS the competition, sure is fun doin' it.
Except the ZR1... little PITA ;-)

Reaper930 10-02-2010 09:34 PM

PorscheGal any pics of ur car? Nice kill, get a zork on that beast.

PorscheGAL 10-03-2010 04:33 AM

Here is picture of my 930 with his much tamer brother, a 86' 911. I could put a Zork exhaust,; my neighbors wouldn't complain. The sound might attract more cars trying to race me. Funny thing is no one tries to race the 911! They like to look at it, but they do not harass me.:confused:

Groovie Ghoulie 10-03-2010 05:20 AM

Ahhh, I have always had a soft spot for white turbo's. What a beauty. my old man had an 86 white, and an 87 red back in the day.

Gorgeous car!

cellison 10-03-2010 05:36 AM

i found out i have the same problem. no one really bothers in the 911 but the 930 is a different story. i don't provoke anything. when"it happens" i am not really planning for it and the other guy would get a jump on me. but when it gets spooled up, i love blating past the perp at full song...sounds like a rocket taking off.

Reaper930 10-03-2010 07:17 AM

If you zork it a lot of time it will scare people away from racing. Most time they want to see if it has the boost behind the look.

Zork it you'll never go back to stock :) and you save some weight on the butt of the car.

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