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cole930 06-16-2011 08:29 PM

The Old Guy's Latest Hairbrained Project
Well, I decided this might be helpful to someone who is as much of a glutton for punishment as I am.

This all started with my 35 year love affair with the first old school intercooled 934's. In 1976 these old girls would run 190 MPH and do 0-60 in 3.9 and that was with factory interior and power windows. The 934 was the car that started the legend of the Porsche 930. I always loved the 934 headers and center mount turbo with a relocated CIS and the first intercooled engines. So, long ago when I first bought the "Old Sled", I knew I was going to have to do that. ( I never said I was smart !!!)

The sled is painted and back together and the engine and trans are in so I've started installing the headers and relocating the turbo. The first thing you find is that the stock engine mounting bar sits directly in front of where the turbo up pipe needs to go. Trying to find any 934 engine pictures is very difficult and then when you find them they don't show you a lot of detail on fabricating a new engine yoke. I received some much needed help from Motly911 as he was fabricating a similar engine bar for his twin turbo project and also found some old pics. of 934 engines sitting on the floor at Smart Racing. Between the two I got a good general idea of what I needed to do.

I've bolted the headers in place and started to fabricate the new "934" Engine yoke.

Trying to take accurate measurements is impossible and there are 9 points that had to be located accuratly to make this thing fit and function so I went old school with a cardboard cutout referencing off my 4 bolt holes on the caes.

Even a blind hog will find an acorn now and then, it fits !!!!

Now on to the percision machining !!! A 4" cutting wheel on a Bosch grinder and some 8 gauge flat stock.

So this morning it went off to the local farm implement shop for welding. This project proves that poverty is the real mother of invention. To Be Continued !!!


mark houghton 06-16-2011 08:41 PM

Holy crap,'re building a one of a kind monster, I just know it! Will be following this closely and living vicariously through you since I lack the skills and knowledge to go too far beyond where no man has gone before.
Keep on blazing new trails, buddy.
Hairbrained??? I think not. Work of a man with vision is more like it.

cole930 06-16-2011 08:58 PM

Mr. Gimpy,

I thank you and the kind thoughts and words are much needed, so far I've busted my knuckles twice, put a blood blister on my palm, and set my favorite s--- shirt on fire. This work is dangerous.

Great to hear from you bud and hope your doing well.


911nut 06-17-2011 04:54 AM

Cole, nice fab job.
Will the turbo still fit behind the stock bumper in that location.
While your at it you should go and add the 934 flairs, front spoiler and center lock wheels!

krasuskyp 06-17-2011 06:01 AM


Them 934 headers and centermount turbo have always given me wood.


Here are some pics I got of Matt Drendel's cars while there, if they are of any help to you (if nothing else, p*rn*graphic motivation! 8-)

*Great* to hear you've begun the assembly process, that must feel guuuuuuud! I'm really looking forward to your progress. You must be giddy!

Keep up the good werk out thar ya old coot!

copbait73 06-17-2011 06:02 AM

That's the Hoosier spirit.

So were did you find an old school KKK ball bearing unit?

My '73 has the cookie cutter tailpipe. Your 934 needs one also.

cole930 06-17-2011 06:35 AM

Phil, Paul, and Indiana

Thanks for the posts and kind words !!!! Paul the pics are great. Copbait, I originally bought the K28, headers, and a short track 4 speed from Chris Fisher, one of the original owners of Powerhaus with Chris "The Horsepower God" Carroll. They were originally off an old Brumos short track car. I sold the K28 and went with a K27S for quicker spool. I've looked for a cookie cutter Zork for 20 years, I'm considering having Brian make me one.

The center mount turbo will fit behind the a semi stock rear bumper. There are a couple guys running the 934 headers and real center mount turbos, Juicer for one. Most, probably the smart ones, just keep the turbos in the stock location and extend a zork tube and the wastegate dump pipe to exit in the center of the bumper.

I had always planed going with the screw on flairs and 934 bumpers but the added cost would be too much for me. I've spent enough money in the last 5 years just trying to keep me alive that I could have bought Wayne's 962 so it doesn't leave a lot of extra to get the Sled finished. I decided to do the best I can with what I have so I'm going for a 964 Turbo S LM-GT look. Neat car, your being a 964 guy would appreciate it. Anyway I've had the 935 tail, headers, and turbo for many years. I fabed up my own rockers, and horse traded for other parts and pretty much have what I need to do it.

The Little known but "way cool" Porsche 964 Turbo S LM-GT:

Anyway, that's where I'm headed if I don't croak first, I'll continue to post the progress and hope it will help others.


jonesb930 06-17-2011 06:39 AM


Nice work! I will be looking at a similar issue when I start plumbing my twin turbo's. I am fairly sure I will be fabricating such a mount myself. I look forward to you progress as well as your process to create such a thing.


krasuskyp 06-17-2011 07:05 AM

yer velcome good sir!

here's ze DOKKTAH's iteration for quick reference:

and Petey Wheat's '77 for comparo, tho I've never heard of him being referred to as one of "the smarter ones" before! 8-):

keep on keepin on out thar, ya hear?

cole930 06-17-2011 07:06 AM


I have just what you need buddy. When I started the mount I had contacted Richart Lawer, Motley911, this guy has built the absolutely most incredible twin turbo RSR clone that ever existed. He sent me a drawing of the engine mount he made for his twin turbo set up. It was a great help to me dimension wise. He's is one of the greatest guys I've ever talked to. I'll give him a call and see if he would mind my sending the layout to you. If you go to the tech discussion forum and search under Motly911 you'll find his build thread. Take a look it will absolutely blow you away.


gsmith660 06-17-2011 07:38 AM

Cole beeeaaautiful I look forward to seeing the finished product post lots of pics!

911nut 06-17-2011 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by cole930 (Post 6084763)
I had always planed going with the screw on flairs and 934 bumpers but the added cost would be too much for me. I've spent enough money in the last 5 years just trying to keep me alive that I could have bought Wayne's 962 so it doesn't leave a lot of extra to get the Sled finished. I decided to do the best I can with what I have so I'm going for a 964 Turbo S LM-GT look. Neat car, your being a 964 guy would appreciate it.

Yes, the one and only 964 Turbo S LM, of which no one knows the current whereabouts.
I hear ya about the $$$. I've got one kid in college and another to be there soon so I'm just happy to have anything to play with. Just normal maintenance is least a thou annually so my car will be all it can be in stock form until I get my inheritance or hit the lottery, whichever comes first :D

cole930 06-17-2011 09:59 AM


I've been amazed at how little information is available on the Lm. When I first looked at the car and was considering the look, a nice mix of old school and modern technology, there is nothing out there on these cars.

I've done the college thing, I had all three of my girls at separate Universities at the same time for two years. I considered standing on the corner at Walmart with a cup and a sign around my neck. You have to do what I did the last time they told me I only had 6 months to live. I added another pack of smokes each day, added 4 more pots of strong black coffee daily, ate all the fried foods I could find, then, I doubled my bone stubbornness and just out lasted them.


cole930 06-17-2011 10:37 AM

I just got back from Arlo's Implement Repair and Crematorium

Arlo did an excellent job on our 934 engine yoke. I had them gusset at the chassis mounting points and carry it back to over the bend points:

Added stiffeners on the top and bottom edges of each leg:

Hell of a deal for material and labor $80.00 and a cold 12 pack.

I'll be doing a final test fit for any warping later this afternoon, right now it's looking good.


Flieger 06-17-2011 10:56 AM

I have some photos here in case any of them are of use to you:

Porsche 934.5 Racecar - a set on Flickr

cole930 06-17-2011 11:01 AM


Thanks man some great stuff there, much appreciated.


JBL930 06-17-2011 12:07 PM

Looking good Cole, keep the pics coming!

gsmith660 06-17-2011 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by JBL930 (Post 6085464)
Looking good Cole, keep the pics coming!

Amen to that Cole I wish I had the moola to do some projects this summer but just moved into a new house haven't set up new shop yet and now I have house projects to do to get ready for a family reunion in a month one being a new 33' pool and associated deck yeehaa! But I do miss working on the car its so much fun!

cole930 06-17-2011 01:34 PM


Just did a test fit of the final design and posted some pics. Thanks for all the support !!!!!

G Man:

Always good to hear from you. Congrats on the new house that is an exciting time. I designed and built my lovely wife a new house and finished it about 4 years ago. It took 5 years nites and weekends, much smarter to find something you like and just buy it and move in. You'll love the pool I put in a 36 x 18 in ground pool about 24 years ago, my ex wife is probably enjoying it as we speak.

Final test fit !!! Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together !!!!!

All that for a turbo up pipe. Well, the up pipe has a clear shot now with plenty of room.

Time to yank it off, clean it up, get it painted, and button that baby up.

Next !!!! Moving the CIS


copbait73 06-17-2011 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by cole930 (Post 6084763)
I've looked for a cookie cutter Zork for 20 years, I'm considering having Brian make me one.


I'm just down I69 in Chesterfield. Brian has his hands full, I'll make the cookie cutter zork if you'll wear it. Nothing fancy, just mild steel (should outlast you and me). My contribution to your 934, one old guy to another.


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