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T77911S 04-01-2013 08:32 AM

installed synapse DV
first i must say i am a bit disappointed with synapse. the directions that came with it are less than informative.
there are 2 ports on the DV and there are different options for connecting it up, but they do not say what the ports really do or what the different options do for you other than the sound, which i think is what the ricers are really interested in.
the unit looks well made, but the information is really no help at all.
they say you can use port A or port B or both ports, but never really say what the ports do what how it works with the different configurations.
there is also a preload adjustment on it, and other than saying leave it set to what ever it is set to, they tell nothing more about it.
as far as configurations, it referenced MAF and MAP systems and it looked like it could be connected wither way for both systems, but again, no advantages to configurations.

i even called the company before i bought it and they really had no info to add other than saying they would have to know my setup, which i told them it was a stock 930. it was like talking to a salesman instead of an engineer.

i have it installed. i had to use the port on the IC for the decel valve until i can come up with a better way. i am also using the vacuum line from the decel valve to both ports on the DV. the DV is open at idle,, but i can not really tell any difference driving the car, and this is with not BOV or anything else like that installed. the BOV was removed by PO as part of a partial RUF conversion.

i have the RUF IC. i was wanting to use the port on the IC where the stock boost pressure gage was connected, but i need to find a fitting for it.

dont get me wrong, i am happy with it because at least i have something there to dump the pressure when i let off the gas.

speednme1 04-01-2013 07:38 PM

Ok this is what I did when I did mine.
Bottom of my Ruf intercooler(where it goes on the throttle body)
another pic
And I used this drawing(thanks to a member of pelican) to know where to attach the top hose of the BOV(at the bottom of the throttle body)

T77911S 04-02-2013 06:28 AM

i did this temp. i just got back into town thursday after being gone a month. taking the 930 on a trip tomorrow with my 2 brothers and their 930/911 and i wanted something on there to protect the turbo and WUR. it will be around a 1500 mile trip.

when i put the LM2 on there to check the mixture i could not figure out why the mixture was going extremely rich when i let off the gas when it should go lean. i realized when i closed the throttle, all that boost pressure had no place to go so it was making the WUR go rich, which could also be bad for the diaphragm in the WUR. who knows what the boost pressure hits when the throttle is closed like that.

the vacuum line is connected as yours is.

i dont have ANY solenoid valves on my car.

could you tell any difference with the synapse?

speednme1 04-02-2013 05:56 PM

Honestly right after my install I drove the car for about ten minutes and unfortunately she has been in the garage awaiting good weather and time(working the time to drive).

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