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spitz 01-10-2014 09:37 AM

Another "is this 930 worth it?" thread (77 Turbo Carrera)
Hello Everyone -

I currently am pursuing a 1977 Turbo Carrera, black on black, w/ supposedly 14k original miles. The car has no documentation, needs paint, but supposedly the drivetrain is in good working order. The buyer wants $26,000 and it out of his hands due to a divorce. I am going down next week to have a professional PPI done on the car and if all goes well, I hope to purchase it. I know there is a huge spike in 930 sales recently, especially earlier cars, so I wanted to get everyone's opinion on whether you think I should move forward.

As mentioned above, there is not a whole lot of documentation on the car. All I know is what the owner told me: The car was driven by an old Ford dealership owner from 1977 to 1982, and then put in his office building for storage. The building sold to a management agency and along with it went the car. It sat until 2005, where it was pulled out of storage. All the seals on the engine were replaced and engine was cleaned up. The engine did have significant rodent damage when the car was pulled out. The car then sat for several years outside in Southern California weather, and was driven on occasion, after the owner started having divorce-related problems. It was then put in storage for the last two-four years, and again, driven once every few months. Not sure if I believe the whole story - but the wheels and interior really look as if they had 14k original miles. Matching numbers.

I had a friend go over to the location to inspect the car. From what I've gathered, the car has a solid body and mainly has sun damage. No rust spots that I know of, but it does need a repaint. Roof and many parts of the body were damaged by sun and from poor detailing work (paint buffed down to primer in some areas). It looks like the car has 'euro' heat exchangers, thermal reactors and smog equipment removed. He has all original equipment that I will receive upon sale. It seems to be leaking a little oil in some areas, but I'm not overly concerned about that as I can do the work myself.

Current pics:

Photos before it sat, circa 2006:

Your opinion is greatly appreciated!


spitz 01-10-2014 09:42 AM

Few more shots:

CKPTAuto 01-10-2014 09:46 AM

Sounds like a winner to me! report back when you have the car!

cover 01-10-2014 10:04 AM

Check Vin/Engine numbers numbers.
Inspect and drive the car personaly to get an honest idea about what it needs.
If straight, functional and rust free it is a no brainer at 26k. $ IMHO.
You might want to act quickly though. Another buyer could concievably pull the trigger without a second of consideration.

quattrorunner 01-10-2014 10:04 AM

Love it!

spitz 01-10-2014 10:09 AM

Thanks for the feedback so far!

I'm confident that I am the only person speaking with the seller as of now. We've been talking on and off for the last three months. I'm very close - just wanted to see what the experts on Pelican had to say. :)

///Criss 01-10-2014 10:12 AM

Ok ok ill take it. When the PPI comes back no good. Hahahaa

LuftWaffle 01-10-2014 10:32 AM

$26K? Absolute no-brainer. Go get it before someone else does! The only thing that caught my eye is the exhaust system and the H4s. That has either been updated from a stock US '77 system or is a RoW car. Either is fine as it's a MUCH better system than the stock US version. Other than that, geez, sport seats, looks like the original radio even. A quality respray won't be cheap but at $26K you have some room to work.

shlobeck 01-10-2014 10:35 AM

Ahh yeah, buy the car..Either as an investment or as a driver, you will not be disappointed. These are truly special driving cars. And with the demand your money is good if you want to restore/refurbish it.. Good luck..

speednme1 01-10-2014 10:36 AM

These cars are hot at the $26k it can be a great deal if all is ok...
That car will need a full paint job that will probably include new seals and factor $8-15k if not doing it personally..

If a rebuilt on engine and tranny is needed factor in $8k-18k depending on who is doing the work and parts needed..

Suspension will need a refresh...struts,shocks and bushings to say the least..$1.5k-3k...depending who is doing the work..

Interior and miscellaneous .....$1-3k

So plan on throwing around $36k+ on top of the $ for a total of around $66k you can have a beautiful looking 77 that can still be worth $80k+ by the time you get yes it is worth it at $26k..just my two centavos(.02:D)

spitz 01-10-2014 10:51 AM

I am overwhelmed at all the great feedback I got in just under an hour! Thank you so much for all your help and support :) Looks like I'll be moving forward with this car.

quattrorunner 01-10-2014 10:58 AM

I'd be down there now if it were me. I'd be sick if some euro dude snuck in under the radar and got it. (it's been happening)

spitz 01-10-2014 11:02 AM

Speaking of which, I've already received e-mails from people in Europe on doing brokerage deals...

njcycleguy 01-10-2014 11:04 AM

Just sent you a PM.

Let me know,

Midlife930 01-10-2014 11:25 AM

Grab it and figure it out later!

krasuskyp 01-10-2014 11:40 AM

shoot I'd fly over this afternoon and slap it on a credit card if I could find out who the seller was and scoop it out from underneath ya!

kidding (sort of) 8-)

point is, tough to go wrong w/ that and a very legendarily epic proverbial barn find right thar - even if the motor & trans were fully borked it'd still be worth more coin than you had into it getting it right as Rey outlined for you

good luck, hope you snag it!

Simon930Berlin 01-10-2014 01:07 PM

A steal at that price, even if in need of full engine rebuild and repaint!
In EUR thats a mere 19.000 - even with all Porsche rebuild worth more when finished!

Simon930Berlin 01-10-2014 01:08 PM

PS and from undercarriage and drivetrain the low mileage seems believable!

Tt surgeon 01-10-2014 01:33 PM

Go back snd buy it now, no ppi.

quattrorunner 01-10-2014 01:43 PM

Here is what I'd do ( I know because I did it).
Fly down tonight, go to the auto parts store and get what you need to change the fluids, change them with tools you bring with you in a checked bag, Buy it while the engine runs beside you, Drive away and laugh at the incredible thing you just did. You may need to adjust the order of a couple things but basically do that. Then drive it up PCH home. Provided it's in socal.
What an adventure!!
If you have problems, U-Haul is always close to rent you a truck and car trailer. Might have to wait for a day at most.

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