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1979-930 07-28-2016 08:40 AM

79 #610 Winter Projects. Advise Needed
I'm starting to plan out my winter projects and I need some advise and direction. The items I want to address are; fix the AC, rebuild the transmission, upgrade the exhaust and turbo, and freshen up the suspension. The car is used for a weekend driver. Most of the time it's just to dinner with the wife. But I try and take a 45min twisty loop through the Foothills before 7am on Sundays. The roads are vacant, the air is cool and the engine sounds great bouncing off the hills. That being said I will never track the car, so a harsh, corner carving, beast is not my goal. But the rear need to be firmer.

I'm installing the complete retro air 930 upgrade kit.
Anything else I should do? Rawknees??

It needs a basic freshen up. Mainly for third gear shifts.

New exhaust and up-grade the turbo. Nothing extreme. I'm probably going with RarlyL8 headers and turbo.
I would like to switch to a single pull Euro Distributor, if I can find one, and use an MSD boost retard. I want to keep from getting into having to up-grade the CIS.
I already have a Carrera oil cooler kit with fan and a leaking oil line to install.
I also want to add one of these. Zeitronix LCD : Four value display for the Zt-2 Wideband Engine Datalogging System I think it will fit in the center console nicely and let me monitor the important stuff. Any better products I should look at?

This is where I need the most help. The current torsion bars feel soft. If it's due to design or age I don't know. But I need to firm it up a little. What is a good street set up? The shocks will be sent out and rebuilt. As for bushings I'm thinking about just installing new rubber? I'm not going to add camber plates or racing parts. But I'm sure there are some factory style improvements I don't know about.

It's a lot of work to get done in a short amount of time, so I want to get my plan together now and start collecting parts.

Thank You,

slyguy 08-01-2016 03:11 PM

I want a loose rear said no man ever

356911930 08-02-2016 07:48 PM


For your chassis I would have your rear shocks rebuilt to "SPORT" speck and add an adjustable aftermarket rear swaybar about 20mm dia. Swaybars add more stiffness than torsion bars unless you are going very large dia torsion bars.

Best of luck,


Rawknees'Turbo 08-05-2016 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by 1979-930 (Post 9217412)

I'm installing the complete retro air 930 upgrade kit.
Anything else I should do? Rawknees??

Thank You,

Hey Derrick, just saw this post of yours.

Are you familiar with Steve's (HotEuro) thread detailing his RetroAir, "entire system from scratch in a non-factory a/c tub" install? If not, I'll look it up and post it. They definitely sell some good gear.

Also, taking measures to heavily insulate the smugglers's box works very will when you are trying to seriously maximize performance (aka - you like a super cold cabin, like me!).

The white pasta is long strand, fiberglass muffler packing - easy to work with, non-messy and really insulates well. The outside top of the lid is covered in foil backed fiber sheet material, and the inside of the lid I covered in thin, cork sheet.

Some people always pipe up with "I'm not doing "x,y, or z because I don't care about having really cold air, I just want more comfort", but one thing that is nice about building a system capable of hanging icicles on all yer parts (even if a ridiculously cold cabin is not your goal), is that the higher performance the system is, the quicker it sheds heat from the cabin, and the compressor works less when you don't require maximum cooling from it (compressor cycles on and off more if the thermostat doesn't need to be always on max). Every little thing you do in this regard (such as making sure all outside air is prevented from entering the cabin) really adds up and helps tremendously.

1979-930 09-08-2016 07:39 PM

^^^ I missed this post as well. Thanks for the tips... and just the tips. I'll be copying that smugglers box trick for sure. I have plenty of the Eagle Shield radiant hear barrier left from my attic. A must do if you live in hot climate.

For the suspension; A guy I met on the PCA run Saturday turned me onto Steve at Rensport Systems. I spoke with Steve on Tuesday about my car and what type of driving I like to do. So based on his recommendations I'm getting 22 & 29 mm torsion bars. The fronts struts will have re-positioned spindles and the rear shocks will be shorter to match my current ride height. Both will be custom valved for the car and torsion bars. Add a bump steer kit and basic strut tower brace. The rest will just be new rubber bushings throughout.

smurfbus 09-08-2016 08:00 PM

New rear swing arm bushings to the list if not already upgraded. Those are easy to do (just burn the originals to get them of easy)

Good alignment is the key to confort and handling afterwords.

1979-930 09-08-2016 08:37 PM

I hope they are part of the all new rubber he recommended. Either way I'll be changing them. Alignment with corner balance will definitely be done once everything is installed.

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Rawknees'Turbo 09-09-2016 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by 1979-930 (Post 9273842)
^^^ I missed this post as well. Thanks for the tips... and just the tips. I'll be copying that smugglers box trick for sure. I have plenty of the Eagle Shield radiant hear barrier left from my attic. A must do if you live in hot climate.

DeezNutzDerrick, for you, more than a tip(s) is in order - beware, bro!!!

1979-930 09-09-2016 06:14 PM


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1979-930 10-11-2016 06:56 AM

Question. Which Bentley Manual is the best for my car? Is it the 911 SC 1978-1983?
I have the downloaded shop manual, but it's not much help for diagnosis or removal advise of components.
I purchased the 101 projects book that has some good information. I just want to make sure I review everything I can and have the information available.

It's mainly the heat and air system that is all screwed up. I think the cables are installed incorrectly. The air flow does not correspond correctly with the control settings.

Otherwise there will be endless hours searching and posting for help.

Jeff NJ 10-11-2016 07:13 AM

I think this site is a far better resource than a Bentley manual will ever be. The hours spent searching and reading here have been so helpful in understanding so many of the different systems, which is so important. I do have the shop manual and 101 projects book and they do help, but most, if not all, of what you are doing has been documented numerous times here and when you run into trouble, post up!

I don't know what I would do without this place.

Make sure you replace ALL the suspension rubber. I did and it did make a noticeable difference.
Don't forget the sway bar bushings...
I didn't replace the sway bar, but I did add Tarrett adjustable drop links, which my shop that did the alignment setup for me.

Rawknees'Turbo 10-11-2016 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by 1979-930 (Post 9314967)
It's mainly the heat and air system that is all screwed up. I think the cables are installed incorrectly. The air flow does not correspond correctly with the control settings.

Hey Deez, do you have the controls 'v' their function straight (:eek:) in your mind? I ask because even in OEM trim, they can seem like the cables must be installed incorrectly. :) If you want, I can post a description of what each one does (or try to find a post like that I made a few years ago).


Originally Posted by Jeff NJ (Post 9315006)
I don't know what I would do without this place.


Forum dating!

1979-930 10-11-2016 10:10 AM

Ok, Thanks for the advise guys.

I did print a couple good diagrams off one of threads here on how the levers work. I could not find one that shows which cable connects to which lever on the control side.
The Top vent/fan seems to be the backwards one. If its all the way to the right the vent is off. All the way left I get vent from the defrost, and the fan never comes on in any position. I cannot get floor vent in any position with any lever. I'm not concerned with the auto heat working, but the A/C and vent need to be working.

I'm several months from that part anyway. I have a couple house projects to finish before the rains get here. Then start on the car. I have lot's of parts to R&R. I figure sorting the vent system will be one of the last items during reassembly.

1979-930 11-04-2016 06:42 AM

I wish I had something more interesting to post, but I don't...

So today is the last drive before I start working on the car. It's going to be 70* and sunny. So I'm ditching work early and taking a drive through the foothills with the wife. Make a lunch stop and pick up some wine at a semi local Vineyard.

I ordered something I have wanted for along time which may eat into my header and turbo up-grade budget. It is scheduled for delivery next Wednesday.

Max Jax.

I also placed my order with Steve at Rensport Systems for all the suspension parts.

I need to do some reading and decide on the Retro Air or Griffiths kits to see which one I want to install. The Griffiths parts look better, but Retro has some additional fan up grades that I want. I have heard they won't sell just the individual parts.

Anyway I hope to be getting some actual work done by the end of the month.

Rawknees'Turbo 11-04-2016 06:12 PM

Deez, Retro-Air does sell an evaporator fan upgrade kit (complete with new/different evaporator box top and fan motor housing) separately, and so does Zims Autotechnik. Griff sells an excellent motor upgrade, but for your year model, requires you to source an evaporator box top from an earlier 80's 911.

What I have pictured above is my "home brew" installation of a blower motor used on GM trucks and SUVs from the early-mid 2000s - works great, and the motor was inexpensive, butt I probably have more than 40 hours into the design a fitting of it (including extending the shaft :eek: in order to use the original fan with the new motor), so not something one would want to do unless one "likes" frustrating fab work like that. :)

1979-930 11-05-2016 07:54 AM

^^^ Look at you with all the helpful and (surprisingly) useful information. Who knew. SmileWavy

Hot Euro 11-05-2016 08:52 AM

I'm sure you have seen this by now but here is the thread anyway:
I like the retroair updated evaporator and adding a fan to their state of the art condenser makes this system very efficient (only one condenser). Good luck with it and listen to Ronnie, he has many hidden "tips ".:)

1979-930 11-05-2016 04:28 PM

Thank you for the link. Retro Air it is.

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1979-930 12-02-2016 08:08 AM

So I purchased a used set of B&B headers that have a horrible repair to the Waste Gate pipe. I got the exhaust with muffler for $800.00 and I have the ability to repair. I think...

The plan is to rebuild the area and install a dual waste gate system. There is a local shop that I will have ceramic coat black when done.
I have all the tools to repair, and the materials and ceramic coating should be around $400.00-$500.00.
So the $2,500.00 in savings over a new exhaust went toward a GT35 twin scroll and dual WG's from Turbo Kraft.

I do have a question. There are some tin modifications required with this turbo.
I'm sure it will be self explanatory when I get there, but I wanted to see a couple pictures before I started. I have searched and cannot find any.
Does someone have a picture of the modified tin for the larger turbo?

Don't laugh too hard. I'm the kind of guy that likes challenges like this. Hopefully I can make these look and work like new.

TurboKraft 12-02-2016 09:31 AM

Hi Derrick, thanks for the business!

Headers -- those look like they can be saved, no problem. You sound like you're good with a TIG welder.

We've also had really good results using the serpentine evap core and condensers from Griffiths. Hoses we have made locally at a general A/C shop and save a lot of $, get a cleaner installation.
If you need ice cold A/C, you can add another condenser in the LF fender with a fan. 30.4F dash vent temps on a 114F August day.

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