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reclino 10-01-2017 09:05 AM

930 wastegate rebuild +NLA parts
I am working thought the rebuild of a couple of spare 931 wastegates I have (these are the same as 930 wastegates except for a couple of extra mounting studs). They both needed a bit of work and I decided to document the process. Porsche did not intend for the general public to rebuild these units. They did not sell individual parts such as the valve, valve guide, asbestos gasket, shim washers for top and bottom of the spring, or the diaphragm. Porsche wants to sell you an new unit for about $2000 when yours goes bad.

I am going to clean this unit up, and replace the parts that are worn. To do this I am working through reverse engineering the following parts.
Valve Guide
Asbestos Gasket
Shim washers for spring
Each of these parts I am going to have a short production run of parts manufactured, I will use the ones I need and put the rest up for sale.

infraredcalvin 10-01-2017 09:45 AM


reclino 10-01-2017 10:35 AM

When you take the top cold side of the wastegate apart from the hot side, the asbestos gasket that is between is destroyed. Opening the wastegate this far is necessary to replace the valve guide.

Measuring used parts to reverse engineer an item is possible but not preferred. Thanks to the generosity of a pelican member I was able to borrow a new wastegate valve and guide. Porsche never sold these parts to the general public, but did make them available to race teams. These were purchased from Andial years ago. The new valve and guide are shown alongside the used valve from my wastegate.

reclino 10-01-2017 10:46 AM

Although the shim washers on this wastegate are in good condition the other wastegate needs new ones. That seemed like the easiest part to replicate. I checked with a few local machine shops and they did not want to take on the job. I expanded my search nationwide and came up with a vendor who will do small quantity jobs of custom washers. I specified Stainless steel and the OEM dimensions of
OD 2.745
ID 2.215
Thickness .021

I have been waiting weeks for these washers to show up. They arrived while I was on travel for work last week. Shown for comparison are the orginal Porsche washers.
The new ones are not quite ready to ship yet, I need to deburr them, and coat with Sandstrom 28A dry film moly lube.

quattrorunner 10-01-2017 10:55 AM

Why bother to cost them? Factory didn't. They are stainless after all. Dry film would be nice though.

quattrorunner 10-01-2017 10:56 AM

BTW I'm in.

reclino 10-01-2017 11:16 AM

I believe the factory washers are cadmium plated. Cadmium is a dry film lube and the ultimate corrosion inhibitor. Cadmium is however bad for you, and banned in the EU, so I will use the next best thing, stainless washer coated with MIL spec dry film lube.

reclino 10-04-2017 03:06 PM

A bit of time in the bead blast cabinet and the wastegate looks much better. Now just waiting on the gasket and new guide to be finished.

reclino 10-04-2017 03:36 PM

By November I will have valve guides available for $** each. Will also have gaskets available for between hot and cold side of wastegate for $** each. That with the shims at $** for 2 will make a kit cost of $** for all common wear parts for the wastegate.(except the Diaphragm) Can anyone interested in a kit PM me so I have some idea of demand.

reclino 10-06-2017 07:35 AM

Due to multiple requests I am in contact with a company that makes reinforced rubber Diaphragms. I may be able to provide an uprated, Nomex reinforced silicone rubber diaphram to complete this kit. Cost at this point is unknown, I will not do it unless I can beat the prices of existing replacement diaphrams on the market. I am selecting 20 psi as max design pressure. Will see what this does to cost.

reclino 11-18-2017 08:55 AM

Just thought I would post a quick update, I have the asbestos gaskets inbound from the manufacturer. The valve guide production schedule is set to be complete by December 8th. I guess due to the low quantity order I got pushed down the schedule some. I want to test fit a guide in my wastegate before releasing the guides for sale. So I should have these kitted up and available to ship out by December 15. Who wants to rebuild their wastegate this Christmas?

reclino 11-20-2017 01:57 PM

Gaskets have arrived! They are die cut and fit perfectly. They will squish down perfectly once the nuts are tightened. So very satisfying to have recreated yet another NLA 930 part.

1979-930 11-20-2017 02:22 PM

^^^ Very cool and I'm interested in a kit.
You should think about a wider work bench. That one is very skinny. :D

reclino 11-20-2017 02:51 PM

Better light outside on the front porch. Every time I set this stuff down on it I am very careful.... this area is for pictures only.

1979-930 11-20-2017 10:21 PM

^^^ I figured as much. Just making a dumb joke.

Sent from my iPhone while Driving

TDH888 11-24-2017 07:21 PM

Its nice you were able to fabricate the parts needed to rebuild our original waste gate . I hope you can sell them as a kit ( washer’s , asbestos seal etc. ) . Price for the complete kit ?

Thanks in advance ,


reclino 11-27-2017 02:57 PM

I made extra kits because in order to purchase from the vendors I had to meet their minimum quantity #'s. The first batch of kits is priced agressively. After they sell I will gauge interest to see if its worth buying another larger batch. I find it amazing that no one has made these parts available before.

TDH888 11-28-2017 04:39 AM

Thanks for the reply , probably will order one early next year.

bpu699 11-28-2017 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by reclino (Post 9763301)
By November I will have valve guides available for $43.50 each. Will also have gaskets available for between hot and cold side of wastegate for $17.00 each. That with the shims at 14.50 for 2 will make a kit cost of $75.00 for all common wear parts for the wastegate.(except the Diaphragm) Can anyone interested in a kit PM me so I have some idea of demand.

What are the valve guides made of? Brass?

I assume the new ones are press fit in? Does the case need to be machined to get them in or simple plug and play?


reclino 11-28-2017 08:42 AM

I wish I could merge two threads. Some of the background development work and discussion on this kit is in the below thread.

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