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db9146 09-05-2016 02:03 PM

EDIS / Electronic Ignition Expert

I will be using a Motorcraft EDIS-6 set-up on a rebuilt 2.7S I'm installing and had a question about the proximity of the Ignition Control Module to the Coil Pack. Ideally, I had planned to mount them on a single steel plate in the same general location of the distributor as shown below.

As I'm building the wiring harness, I'll include the usual shielding for the wires to the crankshaft pick-up and the control wires from the ICM to the ECU just as the stock EDIS wiring harness was constructed.

Does anyone have any knowledge (not guesses please) regarding the location of the ICM relative to the coil pack (electronic interference, etc.)?


Pfitz911 01-01-2018 04:07 AM

Just about to do this myself...any thoughts on this?

jpnovak 01-01-2018 05:35 AM

No problem on controller and coil. However, I would move it a bit farther away than the VR sensor on your crank. Make sure to use a shielded wire on the VR sensor line. This is low voltage and the most susceptible to EMI.

Tippy 01-01-2018 07:05 AM

Those blue and grey wires, IIRC, are the VR wires and are not shielded at that point. They're like an inch from that one coil post.

I'm a fan of moving the module away from the coil and the coil away from the VR, unless a Faraday cage is constructed around the coil.

I mounted my coil by the oil breather area initially with the module stuffed in the corner of the pass side compartment, then moved the coil right of fan housing. Not sure if there were any differences in performance or noise or not.

db9146 01-01-2018 08:10 PM

Since the photo I posted above, I decided to mount the EDIS module on the side wall of the 914-6 engine compartment under the battery tray. I did this to put some distance between the EDIS module and the coil pack. I also started with the wiring harness from a 6-cyl Ford so that I could use high quality connectors. As a benefit, I was able to use the VR shielded pair cable from the pickup back to the EDIS module (I found some stock replacement male pins for the Motorcraft connectors so I was able to shorten the Motorcraft harness and rewire the connectors). It actually came out quite well. I would recommend this approach.

If you start with a stock Ford harness, there will be a radio noise suppression cap that you'll want to include as well as a diode in the negative (ground) wire from Pin 9 of the EDIS connector to ground.

Pfitz911 01-02-2018 03:04 AM

so module is ok near the coils?
I'm thinking about mounting on the firewall...

db9146 01-02-2018 05:31 AM

No, the EDIS module is on the right wall of the engine compartment. I moved it off of the same mounting plate as the coil pack.

When I looked at how Ford had mounted the EDIS module, they ran a 36" harness from the coil pack on the engine to the EDIS module on the radiator core support behind the right headlight of the vehicle I pulled this from. Given that they could have saved money by mounting the module near the coil pack but decided to bare the cost of the harness to run it up front, I figured there had to be a reason. I know others have run a GM coil pack and control module very near each other but for my application (a 914-6), mounting the EDIS module on the right side engine compartment wall allowed me to hide it. You still see the stock engine harness running to the stock circuit board on the left wall but all of the new engine electronics are hidden by the battery on the right wall so the install still looks "old school" for the most part.

I hadn't finished the wiring when I took this pic. Need to take a few more now that it's done.

db9146 01-02-2018 05:39 AM

Here's what the harness looked like when I started.

Then stripped the sheath so I could get to the wires, determine the lengths needed, then shorten the wires, installed the new connector pins, and reinserted the pins into the EDIS connector.

Then I wrapped it to complete it.

Pfitz911 01-03-2018 03:50 AM

Thanks for the info mate
I reckon I'm going to mount the EDIS near the distributor space ( but towards the engine mount ) and the module on the same side where the CDI would be

BoxsterGT 01-10-2018 03:02 PM


Here's where I mounted my coil-pack using a simple aluminum angle bracket...

Used (6) of a set of Ford V8 plug wires and they seemed to fit well on the 911 motor. The ICM was located over where the CD was originally.



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