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Originally Posted by unclebilly View Post
Lots of BS in this thread. I have an all original 76 930 (Sept 2013 Pano) and a hot rod 86 930 (Mar-Apr 2016 Classic Porsche) that did 440hp at the wheels on .9bars. At 1 bar it is probably closer to 500...

They were a supercar back in the day, and still are when you recall that they are 40 year old antiques.
Originally Posted by unclebilly View Post
Actually, stiffer rear suspension makes them more likely to step out. Because of this in our Chump 911 with multiple drivers, some not 911 savvy, we did not run a rear sway bar. Take out the rear swaybar and these cars become very forgiving and predictable.
Ha! not BS at all.. as you said above, supercar back in the day... so let's go "back in the day" to 1976/77, and look at a few points.

These cars were $25,000 and some change in 1976.. factoring in inflation etc.. that is the equivalent of roughly $138,750.00 today.

So of the buyers who bought these cars @ $25k, how many do you think were racers, chump car drivers, and/or 911 savvy at all? Few if any. Sure there may have been the guy that was stepping up from a muscle car.. which is a totally different drive.. and with some luck there were probably a few previous 911 owners purchasing a new Turbo Carrera. However, for the most part, the average purchaser was a well heeled (Dr, Lawyer, Acct etc) individual who was purchasing his first supercar, and in many cases his first foreign car!

So we're not talking about the car guy who purchases, and starts adding wheels and tires and other mods a week later. We're talking guys who were looking to make an impression and who could barely figure out the long through of the gear lever and were always "wondering why it squats in the rear when I get on the gas?"

These were the guys who went into the corner just as the boost hit, immediately jumped of the gas and stabbed the brakes.. or were so petrified that they couldn't get their foot off the gas. Sure, they may have been only 200+hp, but you don't really feel it until the boost comes on.. unlike a normally aspirated car in which it feels the same just faster as you push further down.

Like today, many 360, 430, GT3RS, and McLaren owners in my area.. ha, they all have paddle shift and blast down the road in a straight line.. when you get into the twisties they all come off the power abruptly because they're unsure how to set-up for a corner even with PDK or paddles. In essence, most have more car than skill.. and it was even more so in the mid 70's when the 930 was new!

Ok, so lets talk 80's 930s. Better brakes, somewhat stiffer chassis, and a little more hp but set-up not to come on as violent as the early cars. Nice, but you still need some skills to drive it because under boost in various situations it'll bite your ass too! Again, we're not talking about the "racer-boys" or those who have been around these cars for awhile.. we're talking about the buyer who wants to get the looks, have the cool car, and has the money to do so.

Quick example, there was a Dr. in the area who bought himself an 87 930 cab. So I'm admiring the car outside of a restaurant one eve when he walks up. We talk, and I tell him "be careful with it cause she'll bite ya.." he looks at me like I've got 3 heads and pulls off. Later I find-out he's dating a friend of mine.. a couple weeks after I get a call about a bad accident involving a Porsche.. once they said; red convertible and given the neighborhood I knew it was the Dr. It was fall, wet leaves on the ground, car got away from him and hit a telephone pole. Car was destroyed, my friend was dead on impact, and the Dr. has a cane and now walks with a permanent limp.

nough said..

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