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Originally Posted by Mocker View Post
Question for the experts. I'm looking at a used set of Fikse 17x9 17x11 for my '79 930. The offset on both is +29, as spec'ed on this sheet (for "late 930"):

Which is pulled from this link:

This offset appears to be significantly different that what the "optimal" offset is, according to Hams930T and others on this thread.

Question: Will these work with my 930 with the stock spacers? The rear 17x11 Fikses don't have a deep lip with this configuration, is that so they'll fit inside the wheel well better?

Second question: What is a "late 930?" Are they referring to the 76-77 cars as "early 930" and the 79-89 cars as "late?"
Pulled that picture out of my quote. Holy size batman!

I sent out a PM earlier but wanted to provide some intel for the group as a whole.

Based on the wheels in question I will provide my feedback:

Front 9" wheel +29et - This is a good offset, albeit aggressive, for late model 930's. I recommend a 9" +30et for a flush look; the Fikse pushes that out 1mm which is fine. With that to say; I would recommend you stay with a 245 series tire at this offset unless you are running 2 degrees camber, or have rolled/cut your lips, or not planning to go under 25" fender height. The +30 range works really well on a 255 tire but it does require you remove the passenger side oil cooler shield behind the bumper. It also requires you to roll your fender lips or cut them if you want to go low. The offset in question really is ideal for a 245/40/17 tire on stock body and no rubbing the inner fenderwells.

Rear 11" wheel +29et- this is a conservative offset for late model 930's set up to use the factory 28mm spacer and stock length wheel studs. I personally recommend an 11" wheel with a -5et offset running no spacer and open lug nuts. Doing this, you can normally set up a wheel like a CCW or Fikse to have a 4.5" lip which looks pretty wild. I run, for a track setup, a 11.5" -0et wheel without a problem and 335 Hoosier A7's. For a nice street setup, 11" wheel with a 315/30/17 running an offset from +5 et to -5 et is perfectly acceptable. Again, this is removing the oem 28mm spacer. If you want to run oem capped lug nuts, you run the oem front studs on the rear of the car which are shorter. I don't mind the length and run open titanium lug nuts anyhow.

On this particular wheel - it was set up to run the oem spacer and affect a +1et which is perfect. The only downside is you lose 1" of potential lip over running a non-spacer setup. It still works well just not as aggressive as one could run.

Anyhow, hope this info helps others out who are looking to build a custom wheel and curious about what offsets work and don't work.

In my experience, the rear wheels are easy to get set up; the fronts are a lot more difficult if you want to run a wide tire like a 255 or 265.

- Chris.
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