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Some observations (no logs unfortunately):

I got a cold start today, it was hard to start. First two times it cranked, kicked, died. Third time it caught.

It idled at 1,100 rpm control pressure ~300kpa, eWUR duty cycle ~90. Control pressure was steady. Higher eWUR duty cycle should lower the pressure right? Looks like it was trying to but no luck.

RPM very slowly increased. I let it idle for almost 10 minutes and as it climbed the WUR curve the idle increased slowly to over 1,500 rpm. Example data point, Control pressure was ~295 although the target control pressure is 250, with a high WUR duty cycle at 87%.

Blipped the throttle once at this point, idle dropped to ~1,050, seemed to stay steady for several minutes. Blipped it again a few times, idle dropped to ~950. Control pressures dropped when I blipped.

When I shut the engine off ("run" to "on"), the frequency valve continued to buzz rather than shutting off, TS showed a duty cycle of 47%. I suspect this is a bug in the code that needs to be corrected. I've noticed it before. Duty cycle should be 0 when RPM is 0.

I calibrated the AFR with a custom wideband using the initial voltages the Spartan puts out during its warm up phase. Still cannot get TS to recognize it as an AFR, even though the voltages behave exactly how you would expect. It is wired to the pink AFR1 sensor. This is my next show stopper I think. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, and the fact that TS crashes, hangs, or resets my computer every 20 minutes doesn't help.

I've spliced into the red/white power line from the delayed action relay to the CDI, but have not had a chance to test it yet, my Touareg barfed up a lung today so I spent all my time on that.

Steve, questions for you:
1) Confirm higher eWUR duty cycle should lower control pressure
2) What is the recommended lower rpm threshold for EGO control? Should it be under EGO control at idle? I have adjusted the mixture so it idles at around 14.2:1 w/o EGO control
3) Any recommendation on the other EGO control thresholds like CLT, or above/below MAP?
4) I've set my duty cycle min to 10% and max to 90%. Any reason to go higher or lower on any of these? DC was maxed when CP was high.

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