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My new favorite toy

My biggest pet peeve in life is cleaning up after myself. I love doing things but I hate cleaning up. I hate cleaning up so much it causes procrastination. When working around the house I time projects based on the cleaning ladies schedules so I don't have to clean up when I am finished making a mess. I know it's bad but it is what it is. It goes back to when I was a kid. If I was painting a model I would throw the paint brush away rather than clean it.

That same mentality unfortunately follows me with my car projects and causes me to put things off. I have had a few small paint projects to do but have literally put them off for years rather than mask off for over spray, cover my tool boxes and worst of all clean the paint gun.

Last week when I was at the local paint jobber looking into tint for the Upol Gravatex in my other thread "Shutz color match" They had a 3M Accuspray paint gun display. Disposable atomizing tips, cups, lids, etc. The sales people claimed the professionals were switching to them. Professional paint jobs, simple operation, low to no over spray and wait for it......

Clean up was from a few seconds to a few minutes.

The key is everything that comes in contact with paint is disposable. The liners are disposable as are the cup lids with built in filters. The atomizing heads can be cleaned with about an ounce of solvent. They are see through so you can see when they are clean, or at $5.00 each just throw them away. New tip equals new gun.

A starter kit was $170.00. One gun, one regulator, 1 atomizing tip of each size, one cup, five liners and five lids. So I bought one to try.

Holly crap this thing is great. It took all of a minute to set up the spray pattern. Snap on the proper tip, connect the hose, Pull the trigger, dial the regulator to 20psi, 1/4 twist connects the sealed cup to the gun. Top knob is spray pattern, bottom is fluid flow. 1/4 turn of each until you reach your desired pattern and flow and away you go. Oh yes and because it is a sealed pressurized system, you can turn the gun up side down and paint.

Zero over spray, no cloud, nothing.

Now it was time for clean up. Disconnect the hose, turn the gun upside down pull the trigger a few seconds to drain what little paint is in the tip back into the cup. 1/4 turn disconnects the cup from the gun. Twist the locking ring off the paint cup. Remove the lid and liner as one piece. They are suctioned together. Throw them away. Cup will be clean put cup and locking ring on the shelf.

Pop the atomizer head off the gun body throw it away or drop it in a won ton container with about an ounce or so solvent, shake the container a few seconds remove the atomizing tip from solvent dry with a paper towel, put it on the shelf. It's good for about four more uses.

Wipe the atomizing needle with a paper towel. The gun is now clean. put it on the shelf.

This entire process took me about three minutes and an ounce of solvent to clean the atomizing tip.

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