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Excellent Progress

ok, excellent progress tonight. I installed the 48lb injector from Five-O motorsports in the eWUR and removed the WUE I had added previously to try and deal with some of the issues.

Cold start (although, it was 60f ish so not very cold)
-Started on first crank
-A little CP swinging for less than 5 seconds, could have been due to air in the lines from having the fuel system open, only saw on the very first start
-Immediately went to 950 rpm
-eWUR duty cycle in the mid 70% range
-Immediately went right to the desired pressure on the CP warm up curve and tracked it
-Still have the creeping RPM issue, not sure where to go with this but its low priority
-Quick blip of the throttle took the RPM back to 950 where it stayed, smooth as stock with no creeping afterwards
-When warmed up eWUR was able to maintain target 310 kpa CP with a duty cycle around 52%

I idled the engine up to 80*c then shut it down and let it soak for around 5 min

Warm Starts (I did several, with pauses after shutdown and without)
-Started on 1st crank each time
-Starts slightly lean but gets on track pretty quickly
-The wild swinging in CP and eWUR duty cycle is gone
-RPM right on target
-Duty cycle when warm idling is around 42%
-I did get one start (no logs) with I got an off the peg CP but it lasted for only a couple of seconds and was not observable in RPM, eWUR injector handled it just fine

So, pending more testing it looks like the bigger flow injector fixed the two major issues. Next step is to do some light driving and see what happens with attempting to track AFR. This is unlikely to happen this weekend as I've got to finish my cooler fan install, fix a drop link, and remove all the exhaust to see if I can get things to align a little better.

Stay tuned (pun intended)...
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