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Originally Posted by fasteddie313 View Post
Can you just take the WUR off of autotune, figure out what duty cycles give you what CP with no plate fluctuations, and then set the duty cycle to that, with a warmup curve and a boost curve?

If you plate is bouncing and it is trying to chase it, wouldn't setting the duty cycle solid let it bounce and fluctuate but still keep an aveage CP of your set duty cycle? More like a regular WUR..

I think I would try tuning the CP manually to get you close to what ARF you want but a bit rich/safe all the way through boost, set that and forget it, and then use the FV tuning to lean it out as much as you dare to make the best power and achieve the best fuel efficency..

I'm not real familiar with what you can and cannot tell the MS to do for you yet so I don't really know..

I can make circuits alright but I'm not experienced in doing more professional style automotive connections, what do you suggest? Any resistance problems with solder? How should I do these?

Hope I'm not disrupting your tuning conversation too much..
This issue is nothing to do with autotune, happens with or without it. autotune is just adjusting the VE table tweak the base (ie builtin mechanical) fuel map to achieve the AFR map.

I do not believe my plate is bouncing. Any flutter in the plate would be microscopic, to achieve what we're seeing here, and what was observed with greater amplitude, but the same period more or less with the smaller injector, the plate would have to be moving significantly. The hydraulics won't allow that.

I suggest getting weatherpack connecters and getting the high end ratchet crimper tool. A properly crimped connection is mechanically superior to a solder only connection. Solder does not add resistance. Enclose wires or bundles of wires in abrasion resistant woven sleeving and use double wall adhesive lined shrink wrap. I like to use waxed lacing cord to tie up bundles as well, about every 4-6". Gives it some rigidity.
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