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Yes I use the cold start injector under control of the stock time/temp switch
Definitely retain it in your installation

Like the mechanical WUR we are tracking CP rather than trying to maintain a specific duty cycle, so as you can hopefully see prior to cranking the duty is sitting on the minimum setting with CP steady at 261kPA

CP starts rising immediately after the cranking begins and duty cycle begins rising as soon as CP crosses the red target line
CP rise slows until we hit max duty 1.5 tenths of a second later then it pegs at max pressure

the 3rdCrankWarmStart log unfortunately begins with cranking already underway so I can't see if there was a similar spike and it just recovered but the tiny little pressure wobble in the first second indicates it may have been a full turn of the key from OFF to Start

of particular interest is the AFR difference between 1&2 on the first log and 3 on the second
in the first the Wideband sensor has warmed up, the second log shows it going through the high/low calibration output, again supporting a clean quick start from OFF

Maybe the Prime/Pause/Crank versus the later immediate start is the key,
but then the very last 5minSoakWarmStart log is perfectly behaved and also includes three and a bit seconds of ignition on before cranking and doesn't exhibit the bad CP behavior from the log image shown above
Same starting pressures and duty
Same voltage drop to 10v
and same nice little pressure wobble and tracking as the 3rdCrankWarmStart log

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Yes! mechanical/hydraulic constant flow injection can be managed by a modern EMS
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