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Gorgeous day today so I thought I'd go for a drive. Haven't had the 930 out sense the fuel relay debacle (see thread on the usefulness of fuel pressure and AFR gages). Fired 'er up and off we went. I had just done some WUR tweeking so I was watching the pressure and AFR gages. Cruise was 14.7:1 so I was happy. Car was running really well in the cool morning air. Got to a stretch of highway and smacked the loud peddle. She cam on full song and planted me in the seat then POP-POP!! power was abruptly cut which slammed my teeth in the windshield. What the hell was THAT! Felt like I hit the overboost limit. I slowed down and looked at the gages them smacked the throttle again. Same thing, POP-POP!! and teeth in the windshield. I was looking at the boost gage and it only hit 10PSI so no overboost. Well that's a head scratcher. I turned around and headed home. When I got within a couple blocks I though I'd try it one more time and see if something exposed itself. Hit the loud peddle and she shot off like a rocket, hit redline shift and back in boost. No drama just thrust. Now I'm at a loss. Drove the rest of the way in high gear to cool off the turbo. Pulled in and drove up the drive then clutched to stop in front of the garage and the engine died! Just a dead cut like you hit the switch. The fuel pumps were still running and the fuel pressure was normal.
My first guess is the CDI has bit the dust. I have (had) a spare good one that I use for troubleshooting but it has been claimed by an SC with a dead CDI so I couldn't do a quick and dirty check. Anyone out there ever experience a similar circumstance? I've seen CDI's fail before but this is kind of odd. I jumped in this evening and hit the key just to see what would happen and the starter just spins.

The sad look of a dead 930, at least she died at home!

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