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Wow, I just finished my first targa rear window install. What a learning experience!!! Took the better part of 3 days of trial and error. I think I can do one now in a couple of hours. Key tips are;

Soak the seal in HOT water for a few minutes. Makes it more pliable so it can be slipped on the glass with a bit twisting and pushing. Use tape to hold it as you go... the trim will actually help in the end with holding it.

Buy a set of blue plastic Harbor Freight trim pry bars. Makes handy tools for moving the rubber around. Also, make one of the hook tools as described above, very useful.

With the seal on the glass, lube up the trim slot with glycerin from the pharmacy. Then use some channel locks with rubber hose slipped over the jaws. You can then twist the seal enough while applying light pressure to trim. Slips right in no sweat.

Use the over the car strap to pull down on the front of the glass. Secure to a 2x4 under the car that another board under the tires is holding down.

The seal will twist around and the glass edge will pop into the defroster channel in the seal. This caused me the biggest headaches, and I removed and reinstalled the glass 3 times because of this (worst at the back center; if the glass is pushed down at the back it was even worse). I found the you can tease and twist the seal back into position easily from the inside with the HF pry bars, so do that after the glass is all seated and the strap is off.

I will have to do it again in a few months, but I am smarter now (with a few cuts to show for it)!


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