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Ok, back to basics. This is what I trained in staff, and customer engineers and mechanics doing warranty reviews.

Did you drive the car and make boost before noticing the oil leak and smoke?
If yes, remove the air inlet hose. Use a very bright pinpoint mag light or Led inspection light. Look at the extreme outer tip of the closest compressor blades. Do not look straight down the gap but at 45 degrees. Is there discoloration on some or all blades at this point? If discolored, bearing failure.

Look at the adjoining compressor housing location to these blades. Do you see a ring around the inlet at this location. If ring bearing failure.

Finally, focus your sight on the centering recess at the end of the shaft. Lightly spin the shaft. Use a wood pencil or plastic pen. Does this recess run true? If recess runs out bent shaft - bearing failure. (do not spin with a metal shaft or the rebuilder may say to sucked in an object)

90% of progressed bearing failures can be detected using these three steps.
It is extremely rare for turbos to experience progressive failure. They are one instant good, then the next instant bearings wiped out followed by end seals burned up and excessive oil leakage.

If what I described has happened to your turbo - and there is no visible impact damage on either wheel - there is nothing you did wrong. The turbo had out of spec parts or more likely shaft squareness/imbalance as received. High oil pressure is bull$hit. If they truly believe that themselves they shouldn't be rebuilding turbos.

One other bit of data, if you don't see these signs on a used turbo use it as is. Too many good used turbos are subjected to rebuild when it is not required. In the rebuild market most rebuilders only give credit for these turbos. Why not- they don't actually need their services. The rebuilder then introduces possibility of poor training, bad parts, dirt, imbalance, mixed parts, etc.

Good luck.
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