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Hey There -- y'all noticed my WTT ad, I see... I think its an interesting discussion. And honestly, I'm torn myself. This is a *great* car, and I have no need, or hurry, to get out of it, but I seem to get itchy feet every 3-5 years.

A bit more about the car: It's not a mid-eighties backdate (done to death), and it doesn't have a 3.2 or 3.6 (over-kill and not period correct), and it's not a race car with plates (which are usually really unpleasant to drive on the street). And its not a cheaper Singer wanna-be.

It is quite accurate and mostly period correct (with the exception of the EFI to make it more liveable/tuneable/reliable). It is a class-winning capable autocross car (although I've only managed second in both CC-09 and CC-12, but that's me, not the car). It is a fun big track car and can be competitive, although it would need bigger aero, coil-overs and further lightening to compete with the purpose-built race cars in class (but that would spoil its multi-use nature). It is a fun touring car that's reliable and comfortable enough to enjoy on a targa or long distance fun run (unless its crazy hot, but it does still have heat and defrost, so cold is cool). It is a concours winning car, in the right (SP2, Current Competition) class... and yes, it is a welcome sight at any cars and coffee where it gets pretty much nothing but love.

So, if you want a car that very accurately delivers the driving dynamics of a '73-era sports purpose car -- along with all the sights, smells and thrills thereof, it offers about the widest range of classic Porsche fun available in a single package. If you want any one of those things (dedicated track, concours queen, daily driver), then no, its probably not the right one.

Which gets back to the trade: From the minute the GT4 came out I thought it was the only modern Porsche that would get me out of my 70RSR... precisely because I think it offers about the same level of "do it all" well enough to really have fun, without being too compromised in any one area. Now that prices have kind of stabilized for early cars like 70RSR, and prices have come back to earth for GT4s, I feel like there's a window of compatibility. Good older cars (not back-dates) seem to be holding in the ~$90-130K range and GT4s seem to be plentiful in the $100-115K range, likewise there are some GT3s that fall into a similar range, which I might also consider. The risk for me... and it is a real concern... is that 70RSR probably won't go down in value much anytime soon (barring global economic meltdown, part II), while it is *highly* likely that, when the GT4 RS comes out, and/or they announce another run of 2018 GT4s (which will be better, as newer Porsches always are), the price of today's GT4s will fall, perhaps another 15-30%, and they will, at least for a time, be "just another used Porsche". I'd be on the wrong end of the depreciation curve on that trade, for sure... potentially watching the value of my old car climb, while the new one falls.

So, genuinely interested in your thoughts. Am I crazy to contemplate it? Would a GT car owner who really wants a long-hood experience be nuts to trade? Am I more-or-less right on my relative value scale?

One more potentially interesting data point: I've already been contacted by 2 interested parties and we're exchanging info...
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